E3 2013: New Pokemon X & Y Gym Leader, Trailer Released

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Though it did not hold a huge E3 presentation like Sony or Microsoft, Nintendo did announce and preview dozens of games this week. In addition to (finally) showing off some more first-party titles for the Nintendo Wii U, the company also previewed a strong lineup of upcoming 3DS titles.

The most anticipated of those titles is, undoubtedly, Pokemon X & Y. Nintendo this week announced new Pokemon, connection details, and battle modes that will be included in the new game. Today, the Pokemon reveals were capped off with the reveal of some of the character in the games.

Players will be able to choose to play as a girl or boy, changing the lineup of the "four friends" that will accompany gamers on their Pokemon-collecting journey. Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor are the names of three of the friends, and players will meet either Serena or Calem, depending on the gener they choose.

The leader of the Santalune City Gym has been revealed as Viola, a photographer who "specializes in Pokemon photography." New Pokemon called Litleo (norma- and fire-gype), Flabebe (fairy-type), and Scatterbug (bug-type that evolves into Spewpa and Vivillon) were also named.

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