Shigeru Miyamoto Demos Pikmin 3's Mission Mode


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Pikmin 3 will have at least three modes when it launches later this year. The first is the single player campaign, the second is a multiplayer mode, and the third is called mission mode. It's the latter that was shown off during E3 2013.

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto showed off Pikmin 3's mission mode as he attempted to obtain a gold medal in the new challenge event. In the mode, the player will have to control all three captains and their respective Pikmin to gather as many objects as possible within a certain time limit.

Spoilers: Miyamoto got the gold medal in the game that he closely worked on over the past few years. It doesn't seem that surprising, but it is when you consider how many developers are actually bad at their own games.

Pikmin 3 will launch on August 4 exclusively for Wii U.