There Can Be Only One In This Pikmin 3 Multiplayer Battle


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Pikmin never really focused much on competitive multiplayer, but Nintendo did play around with the idea in Pikmin 2. Now the company has revealed that it's expanding on those ideas in the latest title - Pikmin 3.

The first competitive multiplayer mode being shown is called Bingo Battle. As its name suggests, players will have to complete their bingo card with objects they find in the environment. What makes this particular demo even more charming is that it pits Bill Trinen and Shigeru Miyamoto against each other in a fight to the finish.

I'm not a huge fan of Pikmin, but that looks incredibly fun. Of course, a lot of that is thanks to Miyamoto as he genuinely looks like he's having fun while playing his game. If only more developers would be as excited to talk about and play their games.

Pikmin 3 will be available on August 4 exclusively for the Wii U.