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College Station, Texas, Residents to Receive Amazon Drone Deliveries
College Station, Texas, is the second market slated to receive Amazon drone deliveries as the company looks to expand its program....
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Korean Air Using Drone Swarms to Inspect Aircraft
In an industry first, Korean Air is using drone swarms to inspect aircraft....
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UK Turning to Lasers for Drone Defense
The UK is betting on lasers for drone defense, investing $100 million in the technology....
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NASA Using Japanese Startup to Map Wind Patterns for Drones
NASA is working with Japanese startup MetroWeather Co. to map out wind patterns in an effort to improve drone and air taxi safety....
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UAE Using Drones to Spark Rainfall
The United Arab Emirates is using drones in a unique way: to help generate rainfall....
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Walmart Gearing Up for Nationwide Drone Delivery
Walmart is gearing up for nationwide drone delivery, following a successful pilot program that showcased the possibilities....
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Rise of Skynet: AI Drones Attack Humans Without Authorization
AI-driven drones appear to have attacked humans without authorization, according to a new report by the U.N....
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Kroger and Drone Express Testing Autonomous Drone Grocery Deliveries
Kroger is working with Drone Express, a division of TELEGRID Technologies, to test autonomous drones for grocery deliveries....
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Walmart Partners With Zipline For Drone Delivery
Walmart has partnered with Zipline to deliver health-related products directly to customers. The new service will make on-demand deliveries of select ...
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Get Ready For Amazon Prime Drone Deliveries
Amazon’s plans to use autonomous drones for package delivery took a big step forward with FAA approval to begin testing....
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China Using Big Data and AI to Fight Coronavirus
In an effort to get ahead of the corona virus, China is turning to big data and artificial intelligence to help identify those infected. According to ...
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GoPro Karma Drones Grounded Until GPS Fix Is Available
GoPro’s foray into the world of drones was fraught with one misstep after another. Fast forward two years after the company announced it was discont...
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Verizon Looking At 5G Drones For Growth
According to a post on the company’s website, “Verizon is seeking to be the first carrier to connect one million drone flights to the 5G netwo...
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FAA Proposes Rule to Identify and Track Most Drones
Dominos Pizza, Amazon and Workhorse are just a few of the companies looking to use drones for deliveries. A new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) ...
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Google Says Drone Technology Isn’t Ready, Goes For Parachute Deliveries Instead (For April Fools’ Obviously)
Google loads the web with April Fools’ pranks each year, and the company is getting even more attention than usual for one particular prank this...
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Now Twitter Is (Possibly) Getting Into Drones
Amazon, Google, and Facebook have all been associated with drone-based projects in recent years. Amazon and Google (or is it Alphabet) have delivery d...
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Google Wants Its Delivery Drones Up and Running by 2017
Google’s been testing delivery drones for some time, officially unveiling its Project Wing in August of 2014. Like Amazon, WalMart, and more, Go...
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Google, Amazon Join Not-As-Cool-As-It-Sounds Drone Task Force
The Federal Aviation Administration is getting proactive on drones, as the popularity of the unmanned aircraft systems (both personal and commercial) ...
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Kentucky Man Had Right to Shoot Down Drone, Judge Rules
Back in July, a Hillview, Kentucky man shot down a drone that was flying over his property. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and wan...
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Walmart Wants to Use Delivery Drones Too
Walmart is getting in the drone delivery game. According to a report from Reuters, the company applied for a drone exemption asking US regulators to g...
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