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Bethesda, 2K Team Up To Offer Bundles Of Their Best-Selling Games
Over the last few years, 2K Games and Bethesda have become two of the biggest publishers in gaming with hits like BioShock Infinite and Borderlands 2....
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‘Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition’ Out Tomorrow, Teaser Video Released
One month ago, Bethesda announced Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition, a new version of last year’s Dishonored. The game was a critical success...
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‘Dishonored: Game of the Year Edition’ Announced
Bethesda has, in recent years, been the king of collector’s edition games. This year so far the publisher has released a “Legendary Editio...
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Final Dishonored DLC Out Today, With Trailer
Last fall, Bethesda published a new game titled Dishonored, from French developer Arkane Studios. The well-reviewed game brought the stealth/action ga...
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Game Mod Brings Dishonored Abilities To Skyrim
The alter, change, or build upon PC game code to add features, content, and/or, desired improvements is, of course, known as modding. Thanks to the la...
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Dishonored’s Final DLC is Coming August 13
Late last year, Arkane Studios and Bethesda released the first DLC for the well-received stealth/action game Dishonored. Titled Dunwall City Trials, t...
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Check Out This Gameplay Trailer For Dishonored: The Knife Of Dunwall
In early March, Bethesda announced the first piece of story-based DLC for Dishonored – The Knife of Dunwall. The expansion would put players in ...
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Dishonored Continues Its Story With The Knife Of Dunwall In April
Dishonored was one of the best experiences of 2012. In fact, the only real complaint one could levy against the title was that it was too short. The d...
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Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Trailer Released
One of the few complaints about Dishonored was that the game was too short, especially for those players who took a more straightforward approach to a...
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Dishonored DLC “Dunwall City Trials” Announced
Bethesda today announced Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials, the first DLC for its well-reviewed supernatural stealth assassin adventure game Dishonored....
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Player Gets Creative With Dishonored Assassinations [VIDEO]
The reviews for Dishonored were overwhelming great. The game was lauded for its stealth gameplay, level design, and imaginative art direction. The phr...
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Dishonored Launch Trailer Highlights Outstanding Reviews
Dishonored, the dystopian, steampunkish magical-assassin game was released today, and already comparisons to the Thief and Deus Ex series’, as w...
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New Dishonored Trailer Lets Viewers Choose the Outcome
Last week, 2K Games released an interactive trailer for XCOM: Enemy Unknown that allowed players to choose branching options and see the results. It&#...
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Dishonored: The Tales From Dunwall Part 3 Released
Bethesda today released the final episode of its short web series Dishonored: The Tales From Dunwall. The episode, titled “In the Mind of Madnes...
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Dishonored: The Tales From Dunwall Episode 2 Released
Yesterday saw the premiere of a new three-part web series called Dishonored: The Tales From Dunwall. The short animated features are narrated by Chloe...
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Dishonored: The Tales From Dunwall Premieres
Following the marketing trend of creating a web series that leads into the launch of a videogame, Bethesda today released the first in a three-part we...
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New Dishonored Developer Diary Discusses “End Game”
With the launch of Dishonored less than one month away, Bethesda and Arkane Studios are wrapping up their four-part series of developer documentaries....
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Dishonored Devs Discuss The Importance Of Immersion
Dishonored is already proving to be one to look out for. The trailers thus far have shown a game that’s seeking to reinvent the stealth and firs...
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Dishonored Developers Discuss Player Freedom In A Linear Narrative
Arkane Studios’ Dishonored is looking to be one of the best games this year. The first-person stealth-action game combines the best parts of Hal...
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New Dishonored Trailer Shows off the Game’s Stealth System
Bethesda showed off a gameplay trailer for Dishonored at E3 that highlighted two very disparate ways to play the game: stealthy or psycho. Since then,...
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