Dishonored Launch Trailer Highlights Outstanding Reviews


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Dishonored, the dystopian, steampunkish magical-assassin game was released today, and already comparisons to the Thief and Deus Ex series', as well as "game of the year" talk are being thrown around earnest.

To accompany the game's launch, Bethesda has released one final trailer for the game, highlighting quotes from some of the outstanding reviews the game has been getting. It also shows many of the powers players can acquire during their playthrough and just how those powers can unleash destruction on unsuspecting guards and enemies.

What the trailer doesn't show very well is that the game itself is very much stealth-based. Sure, players can rampage through the game, sliding their dagger into necks and calling on swarms of rats to devour guards, but the levels are designed for a more subtle, exploratory approach. For a look at how each of these styles of play will differ, check out the interactive trailer released by Bethesda last week, or the E3 walkthroughs that highlight both play styles.