Player Gets Creative With Dishonored Assassinations [VIDEO]

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The reviews for Dishonored were overwhelming great. The game was lauded for its stealth gameplay, level design, and imaginative art direction. The phrase "game of the year" popped up more than once.

The one negative aspect of Dishonored that took hold and spread through the gaming community was that the game was disappointingly short. A (false) rumor held that someone had beaten the game in four hours while streaming the gameplay. Double that time might not be out of the question, though.

Someone speeding through Dishonored, killing everyone in their path could easily beat the game in under 10 hours. That doesn't mean the game is short. Much like Skyrim, the game offers up a world and allows players to either rampage through it or take the time to get to know the setting.

Over on YouTube, user ThePhotoshop has created one of what will soon be a multitude of Dishonored videos showing the many creative ways to assassinate the game's targets. Though ThePhotoshop gets fairly creative with the game's magic system and objects, this certainly isn't every single way to eliminate a given target. It is extremely funny, though - especially the one that requires collecting several canisters of whale oil to gently lay a trap while guards and partygoers look on.

The video might contain spoilers concerning the setting of a mission, but there are no story spoilers, so check out the many assassinations of Lady Boyle:

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