Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Trailer Released

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One of the few complaints about Dishonored was that the game was too short, especially for those players who took a more straightforward approach to accomplishing each mission's goals. Another was that the game was too easy once Corvo gained access to a few of his supernatural powers.

Bethesda is attempting to fix that with a downloadable content (DLC) pack full of challenges. Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials will feature 10 new challenge maps that will test players' combat, stealth, and mobility skills. Mention of "waves" of tallboys, guards, weepers, and thugs was made, and a competency with the blink skill will almost certainly be required. The content also includes new achievements and online leaderboards.

A new trailer for the DLC was released today. It looks very similar to the Dishonored content already released, except not hemmed in with the locations, story, and setting of the Dishonored campaign. Dunwall City Trials will be released next week, on December 11.

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