New Dishonored Screenshots Show a Decaying Empire


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In addition to the gameplay trailers Bethesda has been releasing to show off the various powers gamers will control in Dishonored, there have also been a steady stream of screenshots showing off the game's setting. The city of Dunwall so far appears to be a dystopian steampunk nightmare, and the latest screenshots don't disappoint.

The screenshot above (which you can see a larger version of here) depicts what I hope are masked party-goers in front of a gigantic fish on a dining table. I suppose all gamers really need to know about the city of Dunwall can be summed up by that woman's upside down baby-in-chains hat.

Check out the rest of the screenshots below and prepare for Dishonored to hit stores in less than two months, on October 9th in the U.S.

Dishonored screenshot 2

Dishonored screenshot 3

Dishonored screenshot 4

Dishonored screenshot 5

Dishonored screenshot 6