Sundar Pichai: Google Search Will Include AI

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says the company’s search will include its new conversational AI.

Samsung Bans the Use of Generative AI

Samsung is banning staff from using ChatGPT, Bard, and similar products over concerns of leaking trade secrets.

Microsoft’s High-Stakes Strategy to Convert Google Bard Users

Microsoft is engaging in a high-stakes strategy to convert Google Bard users to Bing AI, one that relies on tactics the company has been criticized for.

Apple’s AI Efforts Hampered by ‘Organizational Dysfunction’

Apple is falling behind its Big Tech rivals in the race to functional AI, hampered by internal issues and a lack of “a lack of ambition.”

Google Bard Adds Coding Support

Google continues its efforts to catch up with Microsoft, finally adding the ability to use its Bard AI to help with coding.

Wozniak, Musk, and Others Ask Industry to Pause AI Experiments

Some of the tech industries leading figures have signed an open letter asking companies to pause AI experiments.

It’s Official: Bing Is Cool, and Google Search Is In Trouble

Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing represents an existential threat to Google’s search, with early reports suggesting Google may be in serious trouble.

Google CEO Wants Employees to Spend 2-4 Hours Improving Bard AI

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is pulling out all the stops to improve the company’s Bard AI, asking employees to spend 2-4 hours helping.

Google CEO Under Fire for ‘Rushed, Botched’ AI Reveal

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is under fire from employees over how the company has handled its response to Microsoft’s AI.

Satya Nadella: ‘We Made Google Dance’ With AI-Powered Bing

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is enjoying putting pressure on Google using ChatGPT, saying he has “been waiting for it.”