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Tag: 3D printers

HP 3D Printers: Multi Jet Fusion Coming in 2016
Like many PC manufacturers HP has been struggling in recent years. As consumers began to embrace portable computing devices such as smartphones and ta...
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More UPS Stores Are Getting 3D Printers
UPS says its 3D printing pilot program has gone swimmingly, and because of that it’ll soon introduce 3D printing in 100 additional UPS stores na...
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ROKIT Announces Three New 3D Printers
ROKIT may not be as instantly identifiable as MakerBot or 3D Systems, but the Korean 3D printer manufacturer should definitely be on your radar. The c...
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The Micro Gets Affordable 3D Printing Right
Making 3D printers more affordable has been an arduous task to say the least. The manufacturer of these devices either has to make them smaller, build...
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3D Systems Gets Into Medicine With Acquisition Of Medical Modeling
3D printing is going to change the face of medicine. That’s at least what some people will tell you. It’s hard not to believe them either ...
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Tiles Wants To Make 3D Printed Design As Easy As LEGO
A kid’s imagination combined with LEGO is a powerful thing. With just some simple plastic bricks, kids can build complex contraptions that put t...
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3D Printer Revenue to Accelerate in Coming Years
The 3D printer market has now emerged from garages and is quickly becoming an industry to watch. Newer 3D printing technologies have now been used to ...
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Mamba3D May Just Raise The Bar For Open Source 3D Printers
The success of 3D printing over the last few years can be greatly attributed to the open source community. By taking expired patents and open source d...
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MakerBot Helped To Make A 3D Printed Dress
The 3D printed dress is nothing new, but they’re still certainly wild. The versatility of 3D printing has tapped into the wildest imaginations o...
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Roboy Is Back And He’s Still Dangerously Cute
In early 2013, the University of Zurich’s Artificial Intelligence Lab started work on the next generation of robotics. Its vision was to create ...
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Heavy Duty 3D Printer Takes To Kickstarter
Crowdfunding is arguably the best thing to happen to 3D printing in years. Instead of just having a number of big manufacturers making all the 3D prin...
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Amazon Partners With 3DLT To Sell 3D Printed Objects
Last year, Amazon gave some legitimacy to 3D printing when it began to sell 3D printers and filament. Now the online retailer is taking the next step ...
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Here’s A TEDx Talk On 3D Bioprinting
You could say that 2013 was the year of bioprinting. Researchers and private companies alike made huge strides in printing live human tissue, from ear...
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XYZprinting To Launch Da Vinci 2.0 3D Printer In April
Taiwan-based XYZprinting shook up the 3D printing industry earlier this year when it announced it would be a launching a hobbyist 3D printer for only ...
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The Government Is Making A Super Fast 3D Printer
3D printing is the future of manufacturing, or at least that’s what some proponents will tell you. One of the major roadblocks standing in the w...
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Smithsonian 3D Prints Whale Fossils Because Science
It’s generally accepted that a lot of the earth was covered in water millions of years ago allowing all sorts of sea creatures to travel to plac...
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ProDesk3D 3D Printer Emerges From The Shadows
3D printers can generally only print in one or two colors thanks to the limitations of the technology. Stratasys announced last month that it had brok...
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MakerBot Opens Pre-Orders For Its Replicator Mini 3D Printer
At CES 2014, MakerBot unveiled three new 3D printers – the Replicator, the Replicator Mini and the Replicator Z18. The Replicator Desktop 3D pri...
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Microsoft’s 3D Printed Xylophone Player Performs The Windows XP Jingle
It’s common knowledge by now that Microsoft has a maker space on its campus called the Microsoft Garage. Employees use the facility to explore n...
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Trimaker Unveils Its Latest 3D Printer
One of the most amazing things about the 3D printing industry is that it’s not restricted to just one part of the world like so many other indus...
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