Mamba3D May Just Raise The Bar For Open Source 3D Printers

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The success of 3D printing over the last few years can be greatly attributed to the open source community. By taking expired patents and open source designs, anybody can build their own 3D printer and share it with the world. As with any open source project, some of the 3D printers to come out of the movement haven't been that great. MyMatics hopes to make one of the better open source 3D printers with its latest hardware.

MyMatics announced last week that it's working on a new open source 3D printer called the Mamba3D. The all-metal 3D printer will make its debut on Kickstarter where MyMatics hopes to raise the funds necessary to enter full production.

“After three prototypes we've finally made a 3D printer that meets our high standards”, says Michiel Bieshaar, founder of MyMatics. “Currently we are testing the limits of our printer and we are excited by the great results.”

So, what kind of printer can you expect from the Mamba3D? It features an all-aluminum frame, a metal extruder, a layer resolution of 50 microns, and it uses FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) printing technology. In other words, this is going to be a pretty good 3D printer if everything comes together.

Unfortunately, MyMatics is still keeping a lot of it under wraps. It released the following teaser video that shows a few closeups of the printer in action, but we have yet to see what the full unit looks like:

While we may not have a picture of the full unit yet, MyMatics has shared what the Mamba3D is capable of. Here's a 3D printed castle - take note of the fine textures on the print:

Mamba3D Wants To Raise The Bar For Open Source Printers

Of course, we won't know everything there is to know about the Mamba3D until the Kickstarter campaign launches. Based upon what we do know, however, it's already looking incredibly promising.

Image via Mamba3D/YouTube