Heavy Duty 3D Printer Takes To Kickstarter

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Crowdfunding is arguably the best thing to happen to 3D printing in years. Instead of just having a number of big manufacturers making all the 3D printers, we now have an explosion of open source and inexpensive printers hitting the market thanks to Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Speaking of which, another 3D printer looking for your consideration has just hit Kickstarter and it's super interesting.

Ryan O'Donaghy of Syracuse, NY unveiled the HD^2 3D printer on Kickstarter this week. The name HD^2 stands for High Definition and Heavy Duty. By high definition, O'Donaghy says the HD^2 can print in resolutions up to 25 microns. As for heavy duty, the 3D printer has a sturdy aluminum frame that can stand up to even the worst wear and tear.

The HD^2 is more than just a heavy duty printer though. It features a dual extruder head for printing in two materials or color at the same time. It also has a pretty large build volume of 7.8x7.8x8.8-inches.

So, how much is this going to cost? If you want to build the HD^2 yourself, you can get a DIY kit for $1,249. If you want to receive the printer pre-assembled, it carries a $480 premium for a total of $1,729. O'Donaghy is hoping to raise $89,000 to fund the HD^2 3D printer over the next month. He's not off to a fantastic start as the campaign has only pulled in a little over $2,500 in its first two days, but his fortunes may change as the campaign goes on.

Image via Ryan O'Donaghy/Kickstarter
[h/t: 3ders]