ROKIT Announces Three New 3D Printers

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ROKIT may not be as instantly identifiable as MakerBot or 3D Systems, but the Korean 3D printer manufacturer should definitely be on your radar. The company launched the 3DISON+ 3D printer in 2013 and sold 4,300 units in a year. Now the company is prepping three more 3D printers for launch in 2014.

ROKIT announced over the weekend that it will be launching three new 3DISON 3D printers this year - the Multi, Pro and H700. Each printer will serve a unique portion of the 3D printer consumer base with the Multi serving hobbyists and general consumers while the H700 is intended for industry professionals creating mechanical prototypes and more.

While the three new 3DISON may be of different sizes, they do share a few similarities. For starters, all three printers feature a universal extruder. In other words, it's compatible with 50 materials. All three models also sport a 25 micron printing resolution and an auto-leveling build plate.

As for specific differences, the Multi features a 300mm/sec print speed and a 7.2 liter build volume while the Pro features a 1,000mm/sec print speed and a 15.1 liter build volume. As for the H700, it also has a 1,000mm/sec build speed alongside an absolutely massive 41.6 liter build volume.

The new 3DISON 3D printers have received certification from regulatory agencies in Korea, Europe and the U.S. There's no word yet on when these 3D printers will be available for sale in the U.S., but we'll let you know when they are officially released.

[h/t: 3ders] Image via Jihye Kim/YouTube

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