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Tag: 3D printers

Here’s What May Be The First 3D Printed Music Video
Using stop motion in a music video is nothing new. The White Stripes, The Birthday Massacre and more have all utilized the animation style for their m...
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3D Systems Buys Digital PlaySpace To Further Its 3D Printed Toy Ambitions
3D Systems really wants to be in the toy business. In early January, the company purchased Gentle Giant Studios – a company that makes toys base...
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BigRep One Makes 3D Printed Furniture A Reality
3D printers are generally pretty small. The gold standard – the Makerbot Replicator 2 – has a build volume of 285x153x155mm. If you wanted...
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Shoes That Perfectly Fit Are Coming Soon Via 3D Printers
Finding shoes that perfectly fit is a chore. There are plenty of shoes in your size, but a lot of them just feel a little off. With help from 3D print...
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Stratasys Made Some 3D Printed Skis
With the Winter Olympics still going on, interest in skiing must surely be mounting. After watching some of the world best skiers tackle the slopes, y...
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Ford 3D Printed A Chocolate Mustang For Valentine’s Day
Ford is known for embracing new technologies before other automakers do. It’s already been working with 3D printers for a while to produce proto...
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Charmr Makes 3D Printable Jewelry Out Of Your Photos
Autodesk’s 123D Web app is an easy way to create 3D models that can then be sent to your 3D printer. For Valentine’s Day, Autodesk has add...
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You Too Can Make Your Own 3D Chocolate Printer
At CES, 3D Systems announced that it was entering the 3D printed food market with the ChefJet and ChefJet Pro 3D printers. After that, it announced th...
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3D Printed Meat May Be Coming To New York City
New York City is home to some of the best dining in all of the world. If the stars happen to align for Modern Meadow, it might also be the go-to desti...
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NASA Is Now Trying To 3D Print Wood
For the past year, the big story in 3D printing has been researchers trying to create living materials through the 3D printing of cells. Companies lik...
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Here’s A Look At The Up Plus 2 3D Printer
If you’re in the market for an affordable 3D printer, you might just have to give TierTime’s Up Plus 2 a look. The printer comes in at und...
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MakerBot Partnering With Universities To Build Innovation Centers
The Maker Space is one of the greatest resources any city can have. Within its walls, people can work with 3D printers and other innovative manufactur...
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New Super Strong Material Created Using 3D Printing
3D printed materials got a huge boost late last month when MarkForged announced that it had created a carbon fiber 3D printer. It’s not only 3D ...
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White House To Host Maker Faire This Year
Every year, Make magazine hosts Maker Faires in San Francisco, Detroit and New York. The events attract people from all over the world to show off the...
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AT&T Adds A 3D Printer To Its Online Store
As 3D printers continue to become more popular, more and more retail outlets are beginning to carry the devices. Staples became the first major retail...
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Stratasys Unveils The Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer
Stratasys nabbed one of the best 3D printer manufacturers in the world when it acquired Objet back in late 2012. Since then, the two companies have be...
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3D Printed Organs May Cause Moral Quandaries In The Future
One of the most promising uses of 3D printing is the creation of human tissue and organs. Proponents of the technology believe that we may one day be ...
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There’s Now A Carbon Fiber 3D Printer
3D printers can create objects in a variety of materials, but plastic is still the most common. While metal 3D printers have been around for years, it...
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Here’s A Better Look At NASA’s 3D Pizza Printer
NASA wants to send a few brave men and women to Mars in the future. To do that, they’re going to need to stock up on supplies for the estimated ...
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You May Be 3D Printing Your Own Clothes By The End Of 2014
In early 2013, Objet partnered with fashion designer Iris Van Herpen to create a 3D printed dress. It was certainly a perfect fit for the world of hig...
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