MakerBot Helped To Make A 3D Printed Dress

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The 3D printed dress is nothing new, but they're still certainly wild. The versatility of 3D printing has tapped into the wildest imaginations of fashion designers and we end up with dresses that defy reality. The latest comes from Francis Bitonti Studio and MakerBot.

The dress, called the 3D Printed Bristle Dress, is a white gown that features an almost Disney villain-esque top and flexible skirt. It also fit perfectly the first time. The designer said that 3D printing allows them to print the design to specification so no fitting is required.

As for the technology involved, the dress was printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer. It doesn't have that large of a build volume so the dress had to be printed in pieces and then assembled. The top took 160 hours to print and the skirt took an additional 135 hours for a total of 295 hours. That's a long time to print one dress, but it certainly seems worth it.

While the dress is certainly awesome, it's even more awesome that the dress is available to download for free from Thingiverse. If you have the time and materials, you can make your very own Bristle Dress.

Image via Thingiverse

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