Microsoft's 3D Printed Xylophone Player Performs The Windows XP Jingle

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It's common knowledge by now that Microsoft has a maker space on its campus called the Microsoft Garage. Employees use the facility to explore new ideas and the company even holds an internal "science fair" for employees to show off their latest creations.

Recently, Microsoft decided to show off one of the projects that came out of its makerspace - a 3D printed instrument. Now, the entire instrument isn't 3D printed, but rather the team created a half machine/half 3D printed instrument that played the Windows XP startup jingle on a xylophone.

Now, is Microsoft ever going to produce a 3D printed xylophone player? Of course not. Is it super cool? Of course, it is. That's really the point of this video as it shows Microsoft, which is usually depicted as a hulking monolith where creativity goes to die, as a place that celebrates the individual and what they want to accomplish. While that may not be entirely true, at least Microsoft lets their employees play around with 3D printers on their off time. That's good enough for me.

To see more 3D printed instruments, check out this 3D printed guitar and this 3D printed ukelele.

Image via Microsoft/YouTube

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