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Twitter’s Death Spiral? Employees Flee Over Musk’s Ultimatum.

Twitter is in trouble as employees are leaving en masse in response to Elon Musk’s ultimatum that they commit to a “hardcore” environment.

Cisco Laying Off 4,000+ Workers, Taking $600 Million Restructuring Charge

Cisco is the latest tech giant to engage in layoffs, cutting more than 4,000 staff and taking a $600 million restructuring charge.

Google has done it again, firing another high-profile Black woman — only this time the very woman it hired to increase Black recruitment.
Analyst Says Google Should Conduct Layoffs

An analyst is calling on Google to lay off employees, saying attrition alone will not be sufficient to cut costs.

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VC Firm Wants to Invest $100,000 in Firms With Laid-Off Founders

Day One Ventures is looking to invest in companies with laid-off founders, in an effort to benefit from their experience.

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Microsoft Releases Results of Independent Transparency Report

Microsoft has released the results of an independent transparency report on the company’s handling of harassment and discrimination policies.

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Amazon Reportedly Plans to Lay Off 10,000

Amazon may soon be joining Meta in one of the biggest mass layoffs of 2022, with the company reportedly looking to lay off 10,000 employees.

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Twitter Reportedly Letting Contract Workers Go

Twitter’s personnel cuts continue, with the company reportedly letting contractor workers go over the weekend.

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Meta’s Image Tarnished With Employees Angry Over Layoffs

Meta’s image as a coveted place to work has taken a major hit, with employees disillusioned and angry over this week’s layoffs.

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Meta Axes 11,000 Employees, the Biggest Tech Layoff in 2022

Meta has followed through on reported layoff plans, axing 11,000 employees and earning the distinction of conducting the biggest tech layoff in 2022.

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Meta Poised for Biggest Layoffs in Its History

Meta is reportedly poised to lay off the largest number of employees in company history, beginning this week.

Twitter Layoffs to Begin

Twitter has notified employees that layoffs will soon begin, with notifications being sent via email.

Ultimate Solution For Uber and Lyft Is Autonomy,
Lyft Prepares for ‘Probable Recession’ by Laying Off 13% of Staff

Lyft joins the long list of companies laying off employees in preparation for what it calls a “probable recession.”

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Amazon Freezes Corporate Hiring

Amazon is cracking down on hiring even more, freezing all corporate hiring, according to a new report.

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Stripe Lets 14% of Its Staff Go

Stripe is the latest company to conduct mass layoffs, letting 14%, or more than 1,000 employees go.

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Twitter Employees Can (Partly) Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Twitter employees can breathe a small sigh of relief on news that Elon Musk is backtracking on his plans to lay off 75% of the workforce.

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Twitter Employees Push Back on Elon Musk’s Layoff Plans

Twitter employees have written an open letter, pushing back against Elon Musk’s reported plans to lay off 75% of the company’s staff.

Oracle Laying Off More Employees

Oracle is laying off additional employees just months after a round of layoffs led to “complete chaos.”

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Elon Musk May Cut Twitter’s Workforce by 75% to 2,000

Twitter employees may be in for some bad news on a report that Musk may cut the company’s workforce by 75%.

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Moneypenny: 74% of Americans Believe They Need More Workplace Tech Training

A new survey by Moneypenny shows that Americans are confident in their tech skills but still believe they could use additional training.

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Microsoft Is the Latest Company to Lay Off Employees

Microsoft joins the ranks of other tech companies, laying off an undisclosed number of employees amid economic uncertainty.