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Google Translate Saves The Day And A Life Google Translate Saves The Day And A Life
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Google Translate, Google’s free online language translation tool can help identify languages and instantly translate words, phrases and web pages. Two Oregon State Police troopers recently put this new tool to the test using the app to communicate with an …

Google Translate Gets Handwriting Input On Android Devices Google Translate Gets Handwriting Input On Android Devices

I love Google Translate for Android. It’s already made my 3-year-old more fluent in Russian than myself (admittedly, I’m not fluent in Russian at all). But it just got better, and I can’t wait to show her. Now it has …

Google Translate for Google+ Chrome Extension Launched Google Translate for Google+ Chrome Extension Launched

Google Translate engineer Josh Estelle announced via Google+ that there is a new Chrome Extension called Google Translate for Google+, which uses Google Translate to automatically translate any post or comment on Google’s new social network into over 50 languages. …

Google Launches Messages For Japan Google Launches Messages For Japan
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In the aftermath of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in northern Japan, there has been an outpouring of support from people all over the world – both emotionally and financially. We’ve heard some great stories about how technology has aided …

New Google Translate for iPhone App Released
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When it comes to ordering food at exotic restaurants, meeting foreign exchange students, or perhaps translating a non-subtitled line from a movie, iPhone owners are no longer at a serious disadvantage compared to their Android-using peers.  This afternoon, Google released the official Google Translate for iPhone app.

Google Attempts Real-Time (And Audible) Translation
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Language barriers can be incredibly frustrating.  There’s nothing quite like facing another intelligent human being and realizing you’ll both have to mime things for the next five minutes in order to have any chance of understanding each other.  But Google’s attempting to fix that with a new "Conversation Mode" in Google Translate for Android.

Twitter Introduces Translations, More Local Trends
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At the moment, a Trending Topic on Twitter if you’re not signed in is #seharrypotterfossebrasileiro, which highlights two problems.  First, the average person may not be interested in Brazil’s fondness for Harry Potter.  Second, even if he or she is, the average person definitely doesn’t know Portuguese, the official language of Brazil.  So Twitter’s rolling out translations and more local trends

Google Puts Its Own Dictionary in the Spotlight
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Google Dictionary is in the spotlight because Google is now using it for its "definition" link on search results pages for word searches. Previously Google pointed users to Answers.com.

New Google Feature Could Steal Some of Bing’s Travel Thunder

Google has launched a new "Translated Search" tool as one of the search engines search options. Google’s search options can currently be accessed by clicking "show options" on any results page, once a search has been performed (although you may not even have to do that soon). The idea is that searchers can more easily find and read content written in other languages.

Google Translate Gets a Makeover and More Features

Google has launched some new features for Google Translate, while altering the look of the service. In addition to redesigning the site, the new features are aimed at making it faster and easier to translate text between 2,550 language pairs. Google Translate works for 51 languages, representing 98% of Internet users, according to the company.

One new feature is the ability to translate instantly. There used to be a "translate" button, but now it just translates your text as you type it.

Google Can Translate Between Over 10,000 Language Pairs
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Google announced today that it has added 285 languages to the Google Translator Toolkit. It now has a total of 345, and Google says it can translate between 10,664 language pairs. The interface itself is availalbe in 35 languages.

Google Translates 9 New Languages
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Google announced today that it has added nine new languages to Google Translate. That brings the total number of languages supported up to 51, as well as 2,550 language pairs, including all 23 official EU languages.

Google/Facebook Go Persian in Response to Iran Discussion

Google announced that Google Translate now offers translation between the English and Persian (Farsi) languages. With all of the news discussion from within and all over the world surrounding Iran, the company presumably felt that having this available would be beneficial for those trying to stay informed.

Google Translating 98% of the Internet’s Languages
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Google says it can now translate between the languages read by 98% of Internet users with Google Translate. The total of languages is up to 41. The most recent additions include:


Google Translate For iPhone Launches

An iPhone application known as "I Am Rich" has gotten some attention for being quite expensive and absolutely useless.  Now, at the opposite end of those scales, a certain search giant has launched Google Translate for iPhone.

Google Translate Gains Dictionary Info

I’ve taken classes in Spanish, French, and Latin (not by choice), and each of them sent people scrambling for various translation aids.  Unfortunately, many of those aids were horrible (“the cow climbs up the tree”).  Now Google’s stepping forward – alas, a little late for me – with new dictionary translations for Google Translate.

Google Adds Cross-Language Search To Translate

Google latest tweak to its Translate service may prove to be one of the more useful offerings the company has put out for a while, especially for those traveling abroad.

Google Robot No Speak-o The Language-o
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If you’re one of those bilingual types, Google wants your help. Though Google has an automatic translation tool, it’s difficult to teach robots the nuances of language