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Tag: Google Translate

Google Translate Shuts Down in China
Google Translate has shut down in China, leaving users without one of the best online translation services available....
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Google Hasn’t Updated iOS Apps Possibly to Avoid Privacy Labels
It’s been a month and a half since Apple introduced privacy labels, and Google has yet to updates many of its iOS apps to support the feature....
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Yeah, Dad, Google Translate Knows Your Dutch Vulgarity
Google Translate is a pretty magical app. I think we can say that without equivocation. Google recently added the ability to point and shoot words and...
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Google Translate Just Became More Magical
Google just launched a major update for Google Translate, which enables users to point their smartphone cameras at words (such as on signs), and have ...
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Google Translate Gets Support For 10 More Languages
Google announced the addition of ten new languages to Google Translate. A year ago, the company announced that it had reached the 80-language mileston...
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Google Launches Translate Community
Google just announced the launch of a new Translate Community aimed at helping the company improve its translation quality for the 80 languages it alr...
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Google Translate Hits 80 Languages Milestone, Adds 9 New Ones
Google Translate has hit the 80 languages milestone, as Google announced the addition of support for nine more languages. “Whether you’re trek...
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Google+ Gets a New In-Line Translation Feature
Google has just announced that they are beginning to roll out a new native translation feature inside Google+. With Google Translate inside Google+, y...
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Google Translate Gets Handwriting Input On Homepage
Google announced that handwriting is now available as an input option for Google Translate on the Google Translate homepage. “Handwriting input ...
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Google Translate Adds Bosnian, Cebuano, Hmong, Javanese & Marathi
Google announced that it has added support for five new languages to Google Translate, which brings the total to over 70 languages supported. The new ...
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Google Translate Adds Support For Khmer
Google announced that it has added support for the Khmer language to Google Translate. This is the 66th supported language. The launch comes with the ...
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IKEA Pillow Google Translates to ‘Cuddle Rape’
What happens when you type the name of a certain style of pillow from IKEA into Google Translate? Well, something interesting, that’s what. Redd...
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Google Translate For Android Gets Offline Support
Google just announced the launch of offline language packages for Google Translate for Android. With the feature, you don’t need an Internet con...
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Google Translate Adds Phrasebook To Help You Remember What You Learned
Google has introduced a new feature for Google Translate, which could go a long way in helping users remember the translations they learn from the too...
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Google Translate Adds Input Tools
Google announced that it has integrated new input tools into Google Translate. When you choose an input language, you should see the input tools icon ...
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Fresh Prince Theme Song Gets Google Translated into an Unrecognizable Mess
The theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air can be sung by everyone, everywhere. I’m sure people even sing it in other languages. It’s u...
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Google Translate Gets Reverse, Frequencies And Synonyms
Google has launched some new Google Translate features: reverse translations, frequencies and synonyms. “Our users often tell us that they check...
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Google Adds Its 65th Language To Google Translate With Lao
Google announced today that it has added Lao to its Google Translate repertoire, making it the 65th language the service supports. Lao, sometimes call...
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Google Translate For Android Gets New Camera Functionality
Google Translate for Android has a new update with a handful of new features, including the ability to translate text from pictures you take with your...
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Google Translate For Android Gets Text-To-Speech In 40 Languages
I’m sure you’re all familiar with Google Translate by now. The admittedly flawed tool does its best to provide an accurate translation of ...
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