Google Translate Saves The Day And A Life

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Google Translate, Google's free online language translation tool can help identify languages and instantly translate words, phrases and web pages. Two Oregon State Police troopers recently put this new tool to the test using the app to communicate with an impaired Chinese driver who didn't speak English. Luckily the story has a happy ending and it should be a relief to the public that officers now have the alternative to reach for a holstered smart phone to improve communications with drivers. Thanks officers.

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Google Translate is an amazing language tool that helps users better understand and communicate in over 60 languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and now apparently in Cat. Thanks to Google's Translate for Animals, Google's April Fool's application for Android phones that recognizes and transcribes words and phrases common to pets and other species, users can now better understand and communicate with hard to read feathered and furry best friends. This may have been a prank but not totally out of the realm of possibility that Google could do this in the future.

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