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AOL Looking To Sell TechCrunch, Engadget…Or Not [Report/Rumor/Update]

Update: According to AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, the company is not looking to unload TechCrunch or Engadget. AdAge spoke with him, sharing the following quote: “We are planning to invest in those properties, not sell” them, Mr. Armstrong said in an interview with Ad Age. He admitted that the company has spoken with outside entities about partnerships that would lead …

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AOL Ditches Freelancers, The Engadget Story Continues

Once the announcement came that AOL was acquiring The Huffington Post, all sorts of interesting developments started happenging throuhgout the world of AOL content, and the trend continues. For one, the Huffington Post Media Group (the new media entity that runs all AOl/HuffPost content) has reportedly put an end to its paid freelancer program. Now, you’re either no staff – …

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Engadget Editor-in-Chief Leaves

Engadget Editor-in-Chief Joshua Topolsky announced that he is leaving the publication. This comes after two other editors of the publication recently left, citing “the AOL way” as a catalyst. Here’s an exerpt from Topolsky’s post: After nearly four years at Engadget, it’s time to make my exit. There are things I’m after and challenges I want to take on that …

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Another Engadget Editor Leaves, Cites “AOL Way” as Catalyst

The other day, Engadget editor Paul Miller announced his resignation from the AOL-owned publication, specifically blaming "The AOL Way". 

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Engadget Editor: AOL Has Its Heart in the Wrong Place with Content

Outsiders have been wondering how all of the content properties AOL has been buying up will hold up as part of the media giant. Engadget has been part of AOL for quite a while, having been purchased in 2005 – some time before AOL’s real push for mass content, most recently punctuated by its purchase of The Huffington Post.

AOL’s strategy appears to be taking its toll on some of its content producers. Engadget Editor Paul Miller announced his resignation last night, and left no room for speculation about the reason. 

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How Important are Comments to the News?

Comments have become part of the news. In the old days, publishers released articles and any reader comments would be addressed on the publisher’s own time. In a newspaper or magazine, it may have been in the form of letters to the editor. Sometimes news radio programs would read audience feedback on the air. These things allowed the publishers a great deal of control over the commentary associated with their story.

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