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AT&T Launches Location-Based Shop Alerts

AT&T has partnered with location-based mobile marketing platform Placecast to provide users with ShopAlerts, special offers sent to their mobile phones when they are near a store or brand.

The location-based mobile messaging service will be available for AT&T customers in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco who have opted-in to receive messages.

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AT&T To Start Selling Kindle 3G

AT&T said people will be able to test the Kindle in its 2,200 U.S. stores before making a purchase. The Kindle is also available at Staples, Best Buy and Target.

"Amazon has without question pioneered the eReader space with Kindle, and it’s exciting to not only connect this device through our network, but now offer it in our stores to readers around the country," said Glenn Lurie, president, emerging devices, AT&T.

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A Week With My Verizon iPhone

My Verizon iPhone

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Hackers Charged with Fraud, Conspiracy Regarding 120,000 iPad Users’ Info

Two men have reportedly been charged after allegedly hacking into AT&T’s servers and accessing email addresses and other information from 120,000 iPad users last June. The two, Daniel Spitler and Andrew Auernheimer, have been brought up on fraud and conspiracy charges, according to Reuters, which reports:

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iOS 4.3 Will Reportedly Give All iPhones Personal Hotspot

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Verizon is getting the iPhone next month. One part of the announcement that excited a lot of people, beyond the extension of the iPhone’s availability was that the iPhone 4 on Verizon Wireless would include new Personal Hotspot capabilities, enabling users to connect up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices. 

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Android Market Gets AT&T Direct Carrier Billing

Android users who are also AT&T customers should no longer have to worry about pulling out a credit card and typing a long sequence of numbers every time they want to buy an app.  Late yesterday, Google introduced an AT&T Direct Carrier Billing option for this audience.

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AT&T And Verizon Aim To Create Mobile Payment Network

 AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless have announced the formation of a joint venture called ISIS, a mobile payments network.

Discover Financial Services and Barclays Plc are also participating in the joint venture which will allow people to pay for purchases with their smartphones.  ISIS is expected to be introduced in larger markets during the next 18 months.

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Windows Phone 7 Devices Available in the U.S. How Will They Sell?

Windows Phone 7 devices went on sale in the United States today with models available in AT&T and T-Mobile, stores.

Microsoft is sharing results from a Harris Interactive survey to help push its new operating system. The thinking is that Windows phones are "designed to get users in, out and back to life."

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Nexus Two Rumored To Be Coming In Less Than 2 Weeks

Rumor has it that the Nexus Two will be announced at a press conference on November 8th in New York. The announcement would come from Google and Samsung together, and the device would be he first to ship with the next version of Android – version 2.3 aka: Gingerbread. It would also be available on more than one carrier. 

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Nokia Exec Compares Android to Boys Peeing Their Pants

Anssi Vanjoki , the soon-to-be former head of Nokia’s smartphone unit, has reportedly said that mobile phone makers that adopt Android are like Finnish boys who "pee in their pants" for warmth in the winter. This is according to an article from the Financial Times, which has gained a good deal of exposure today. If Android is cool, consider me Miles Davis

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AT&T and NCAA Launch College Football iPhone App

AT&T and the NCAA have launched a new iPhone/iPod Touch app. With a big day of college football coming tomorrow, its as good a day as any for such an app. 

The app is free and combines social functionality with real-time NCAA football news. Fans of Division 1 teams will be able to chat with one another (as well as fans of opposing teams, so that should cater to a fair amount of trash talk). 

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AT&T Announces Addition to Dow Jones Sustainability Index

AT&T announced that it is being added to the 2010 Dow Jones Sustainability Index North America, effective September 20. The index looks at corporate, economic, environmental and social performance, and tracks the performance of the top 20% of the 600 biggest North American companies in the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index in terms of sustainability.

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AT&T Sells Centennial Comm. Assets to Verizon

AT&T announced that it has completed the sale of certain wireless assets of Centennial Communications to Verizon Wireless. The release says:

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AT&T Expands myWireless Mobile App to More Android Devices

AT&T is expanding the availability of its myWireless Mobile app to a couple of new Android devices – the Samsung Captivate and the HTC Aria. The app lets wireless subscribers manage their accounts from their mobile devices.

The app give users access to bill payment, voice and data usage information, the ability to add or remove features and plans, and paperless billing. 

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AT&T Yellowpages Gets New Homepage

AT&T has introduced a new redesign of its homepage with an emphasis on image-based layout.

AT&T is rebranding its homepage as with tagline "Click Less. Live More." is focused on helping users "eat, play, and live" locally.

"We want to give today’s user more access to content that allows them to explore and stay locally connected," said David Krantz, president and CEO at AT&T Interactive.


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AT&T: Yep, Wireless is Different

The net neutrality debate sparked (most recently) by Google and Verizon earlier this week continues. Now AT&T has weighed in, and unsurprisingly it appears to agree with the companies.

One of the biggest controversies of the Google/Verizon policy proposal is that wireless is being treated differently. AT&T says, "Wireless is different." In a post on the company’s public policy blog, they write:

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RIM, AT&T Introduce BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry 6

Today, Research in Motion (RIM) and AT&T launched the BlackBerry Torch, the first smartphone to feature the new BlackBerry 6, which was also unleashed today.

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Major Mobile Carriers Teaming Up to Eliminate Credit Cards?

Will the mobile phone replace the credit card? It sounds a bit like science fiction, but it appears that mobile carriers are trying to make it a reality.

Bloomberg reports that AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile USA are "planning a venture to displace credit and debit cards with smartphones". The companies would work with Discover Financial Services and Barclays Plc to test a system starting in Atlanta and three other unnamed U.S. cities.

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AT&T Prepares for Tropical Storm Bonnie

AT&T made an announcement, saying that it is prepared to respond quickly to Tropical Storm Bonnie, with an "arsenal of disaster response equipment and personnel."

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Verizon Shares Earnings, AT&T Transitions Acquired Verizon Customers

Verizon announced its Q2 earnings today, reporting strong wireless and FiOS customer growth, increased enterprise revenues, and $9.8 billion in cash flow, up 29.8% from the same period in 2009.

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AT&T Grandfathered 3G iPads Missing Promised Unlimited Option

AT&T has screwed up again and it’s impacting tens of thousands of people who ordered iPads before June 7th in order to be offered the unlimited bandwidth option. These unlimited grandfathered iPads started arriving today, but when you go to the AT&T signup screen it only shows limited bandwidth plan options.


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AT&T Completes Acquisition of Verizon Assets

AT&T has completed its acquisition of wireless assets from Verizon Wireless, which Verizon agreed to give up to gain regulatory approval of its acquisition of Alltel.

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AT&T: Buzz the “Best Way” to Get Your Business in Front of Facebook Users

Update: AT&T Announced today that is now available to the pubic. To read more about the service, read our exclusive interview with AT&T about the services below.

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AT&T Launches New Music App

AT&T has launched a new music application that combines a number of different apps into one multifaceted application.

The AT&T Music application is available on three feature phones including the LG Xenon, Samsung Solstice and Samsung Impression. The company said it plans to make the service available as a download on additional handsets soon and will being preloading it on devices this summer.

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How Much Is Mobile Going to Change the Search Market?

More people have the web in the palm of their hands than ever before. Smartphone usage isn’t exactly slowing down, and for that reason, the search market might get shaken up considerably in the coming months. Google has long dominated the search market, and to this day continues to do so. There is nothing indicating that will change in the near future, but the rise of smartphones and deals among different players could conceivably shake things up, and make things a bit more competitive.

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AT&T Launches FamilyMap For iPhone

AT&T has introduced its FamilyMap App for the iPhone, which allows users to track the location of family members.

Users can download the FamilyMap the App Store on iPhone or at iTunes. Users can track tow phones on an account for $9.99 a month or up to five phone for $14.99 per month. The FamilyMap App can also be used on most other AT&T smartphones. Previously the app was only available via a desktop.

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Possible Outcomes Of The iPhone Becoming A Non-AT&T Exclusive

The folks at Apple just need to wake of in the morning to create news of all sorts that could shape the online world in many ways. First, there’s the talk about some profits in Q1 that would make any company happy (The company posted revenue of $15.68 billion and a net quarterly profit of $3.38 billion, or $3.67 per diluted share).

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AT&T Goes On The Offensive Against Google Voice

After getting the Google Voice App blocked on the iPhone and the FCC to scrutinize Google Voice, you’d think AT&T could sit back and rest assured. But not so.

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AT&T Launches Entertainment Site

AT&T is getting into the online content business with the launch of its new website AT&T Entertainment.

AT&T Entertainment is focused on professional content offering TV shows and movies much like Hulu. Content providers include ABC, NBC Universal (via an agreement with Hulu), CBS, CW, Syfy and Bravo.

Users can find content by browsing TV shows and movies alphabetically, by genre, or by network or studio. The site is open to any user, whether you are an AT&T customer or not.

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New Mobile Search Ads for Yellow Pages App

AT&T Interactive has announced an updated version of its YPMobile app for the iPhone. The new version has a couple of new features that focus on the discovery, planning, and sharing of local businesses and events – video profiles and Pay Per Calls ads.

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AT&T Fingered In Google Voice/App Store Fiasco

The accusations are still flying when it comes to Google Voice getting banned from the iPhone App Store.  Andy Kessler, a former hedge fund manager, has even gone so far as to say that AT&T "killed" the service.

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AT&T Talks New Yellow Pages

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that people use other sites besides Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find local results. There are plenty of people using, and why not? Google may have the most untouchable brand on the Internet right now, but the Yellow Pages brand has been around much longer.

There are still plenty of people using the print version of the Yellow Pages, but the AT&T’s extended network still gets over 40 million unique visitors a month according to the company. Not too shabby.

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Barnes & Noble Offering Free Wi-Fi

Barnes & Noble said today it would offer free wireless Internet access at all its bookstores nationwide.

Barnes & Noble has offered Wi-Fi access via AT&T since 2005, but that was a subscription-based service.  Customers shopping in the bookstore will now be able to preview over 700,000 eBook titles along with thousands of public domain titles available from Google, on their Wi-Fi enabled devices.  The company says its number of eBook titles is on track to reach the one million mark soon.

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AT&T Combines Facebook, Twitter, MySpace in New App

AT&T has launched a new social networking app, which combines access to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and customizable news feeds. It’s called the AT&T Social Net App, and it’s available as a free download.

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Google Voice Completely Banned From Apple’s App Store

UPDATE: There is a Twitition floating around asking "Apple to unblock Google Voice App".

If you wish to sign it, go here.

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AT&T Enters the Yahoo Ad-Selling Business

Yahoo and AT&T announced a partnership, where AT&T will sell Yahoo! display ad inventory to local businesses in the US. They will begin doing so later this summer.

"Local businesses are looking to drive in-store traffic, and our alliance with AT&T Interactive will help them reach a local audience of highly-engaged potential customers on Yahoo!," said Jim Schinella, Senior Vice President, North America Region, Yahoo!.

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Camera & Microphone Coming for the iPod Touch?

Home based telephone providers should be quaking in their boots today. A rumor is floating around that Apple is quietly prepping the new iPod Touch, which comes with a built in camera and microphone.

iPod Touch: Camera & Microphone Coming?

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Amazon Launches New Wireless Store

Amazon has launched a new site catering specifically to cell phones and their service plans. The online store located at lets users shop for phones by model, service, color, etc. 

You may be able to shop by carrier at AmazonWireless, but that only includes AT&T and Verizon. On top of that, they don’t even carry the iPhone, which is available through AT&T. Here is a look at the site’s bestselling phones:

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iPhone 3G S Coming: Businesses Pay Attention

AT&T announced today that it will begin offering the Apple iPhone 3G S on June 19th. People will be able to preorder them starting today at 5pm ET.

"iPhone 3G S is the fastest, most powerful iPhone yet, and we’re extremely proud to offer it to our customers on the nation’s fastest 3G network," said Ralph de la Vega, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "We’re also pleased to offer these innovative phones and plans at incredible values, including free Wi-Fi access at nearly 20,000 hot spots." Pricing is as follows:

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Did AT&T Help Kris Allen Win American Idol?

UPDATE: Fox and the American Idol producers released a joint statement saying, "(We) are absolutely certain that the results of this competition are fair, accurate and verifiedKris Allen is, without a doubt, the American Idol. We have an independent third-party monitoring procedure in place to ensure the integrity of the voting process. In no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition."

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AT&T To Roll Out Faster 3G Network

AT&T said today it would upgrade its 3G network to offer considerably faster mobile broadband speeds. The network upgrades will begin later this year and be completed in 2011.

AT&T said it would expand its 3G mobile broadband network from 350 metropolitan areas to about 370 by the end of 2009. The expansion will be covered by its previously announced capital expenditure budget of $17 billion to $18 billion for the year.

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Flagship Phones Boosting Sales On Carrier Web Sites

comScore has released data from its monthly wireless ecommerce dashboard, which tracks consumer shopping and purchasing behavior, including handsets and mobile data plans, at all of the major wireless carrier sites.

In terms of overall dollar sales on the carriers’ Web sites, the flagship phones being sold were significant revenue generators. Three of the four flagship phones (Apple iPhone, HTC G1, and Blackberry Storm) ranked as the top revenue driver on their respective sites, even though they ranked just inside the top ten models in terms of unit volume.

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U-Verse’s Public Access “Ghetto” Raises Protests

AT&T is facing backlash from supporters of PEG (public, educational, and government) channels around the country because of how the company has bundled them on its AT&T U-Verse IPTV service. But in a world that includes YouTube, is it time to cut cable (and fiber) carriers some slack on this issue?

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Advocacy Group Forms To Combat Piracy

An advocacy group created by a number of major media and technology companies plans to promote the Internet as a place for people to get songs, television shows and movies without turning to piracy.

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AT&T Pledges To Protect Internet Users Privacy

AT&T is calling on all companies that track and collect data on Internet users search and browsing activity to give consumers more control over how their online habits are collected and used.

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EFF Sues President Bush Over Internet Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a lawsuit against President George W. Bush and others in his administration for the illegal surveillance of emails and telephone calls without a warrant.

The suit also names the National Security Agency (NSA), Vice President Dick Cheney, Cheney’s chief of staff David Addington, and former Attorney General and White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales.

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Yahoo In Mobile Search Deal With AT&T

AT&T said today that Yahoo oneSearch will be the default search engine for AT&T’s MEdia Net mobile phone portal.

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AT&T New Browser – Pogo

AT&T stepped into the online realm last year with the purchase of ingenio, and now they have launched their very own browser called Pogo, now in invitation only beta. TechCrunch has invitations for this limited beta.

Essentially, it looks and acts a lot like Firefox. Here are a few screenshots from the new browser:

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T-Mobile Unhappy With Starbucks Wi-Fi Switch

The coffeehouse chain’s switch to AT&T to offer free wireless Internet to customers received a shot of criticism and a lawsuit from former partner T-Mobile.

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AT&T Has No Price For Next iPhone

AT&T has not yet set a price for the new version of Apple’s iPhone, according to AT&T’s chief financial officer.

"There’s not been a product announcement. There hasn’t been any pricing decisions made. That’s yet to come," CFO Rick Lindner told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York.

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Android Finding New Fan In AT&T

When Android was first announced, AT&T didn’t have very nice things to say about it.  The company’s tone has become much more positive, however – even to the point that AT&T seems ready to work with the mobile platform.

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Google Loses Wireless Spectrum Battle, But Wins The War

While it would have been interesting to see what Google would have done, if it had won some of the new wireless airwaves, the company’s satisfied with it’s role as disrupter.

As Reuters reports

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Verizon Wins Spectrum, Everyone Else Loses

Verizon won the FCC auction for the soon-to-be available wireless 700MHz wireless spectrum, in bidding that may have involved Google at some point in the process.

Read More Listings Dial In To Microsoft

Superpages is out and Yellowpages is in for Microsoft’s properties as the company swapped listings services.

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No Wiretapping Immunity For Telecoms

The gauntlet has been laid down for the White House to pick up and veto a House bill that does not provide retroactive immunity for lawbreaking telecoms that wiretapped without warrants.

If AT&T and other big telcos fed the National Security Agency a stream of data pilfered from switching rooms, it may come out in court. However, President Bush has promised to veto any bill that lacks immunity for the telcos.

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Spectrum Auction 73 Passes $4.6 Billion

In the parlance of online auctions, the reserve price has been met, in this case for a swath of 700MHz spectrum being freed up by TV broadcasters in 2009.

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FCC Approves Google For Wireless Auction

The 700MHz wireless spectrum auction on January 24th opens with 214 bidders chasing the big prize, with Google competing with an assortment of telecoms both big and small.

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AT&T Concessions Prove Meaningless

Remember how after AT&T made Net Neutrality concessions to get their merger with BellSouth approved, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin was so quick to remind everybody that the FCC had no teeth to enforce that? Well, the lack of teeth is coming back to bite us.

Let’s review. At the end of 2006, Martin had this to say about making sure AT&T followed it’s own commitment to maintaining a neutral network:

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Analog Cell Phone Network To Shut Down

In 2008 mobile carriers will begin shutting down the analog cell phone network.

Starting February 19, 2008, cell phone carriers, including AT&T, Alltel and Verizon Wireless, will be turning off their analog networks.  Other mobile carriers including Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile do not have analog networks and their customers will not be affected.

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Patent Problems Resolved Between Vonage, AT&T

Vonage lightened its legal burdens with a settlement of claims of patent infringement brought against the VoIP company by AT&T.

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AT&T Sort Of Opens Wireless Access

Any phone, any application, that’s the mantra of AT&T’s wireless business, but it isn’t any different than what has always been available to AT&T customers.

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AT&T Dials Up Ingenio Buy

Pay per call advertising firm Ingenio has been acquired by AT&T to boost the telecom’s search and advertising services.

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Microsoft, AT&T In Supreme Patent Spat

AT&T has won a lower court decision against Microsoft and its use of AT&T patented technology in exported products, but Microsoft has a shot at getting that overturned with its appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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AT&T Crying Uncle Is Kinda Sorta A Milestone

The biggest merger in telecommunications history was approved quietly at the end of the news day Thursday just before the world stopped caring for a few days. Gerald Ford and James Brown are dead, a new year is upon us, and AT&T was forced to admit there is such a thing as Network Neutrality.

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Yahoo, AT&T Mark Five Years Together

Internet companies are usually pretty forward-thinking; this comes, I suppose, with the territory. Yahoo made a strange move today, however, by celebrating an event that’s well in the past – its five-year-old “groundbreaking alliance” with AT&T.

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AT&T Yahoo! Collaborate On Photo Sharing

AT&T and Yahoo! recently launched a photo-sharing service named, rather to the point, AT&T Yahoo! Photos, for subscribers to the companies’ jointly offered broadband service.

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Google Threatens Telcos With Antitrust Action

If the prospect of a two-tiered Internet system proves to enhance the quality of service of certain traffic for a fee, Google plans to hammer those abusers with antitrust actions.

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AT&T Building 40Gb Net Backbone

The telecom giant plans to spend between $8 billion and $8.5 billion to upgrade its Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) backbone.

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VoIP Arrives From AT&T And Yahoo

Users of AT&T Yahoo’s high-speed Internet service can make and receive voice calls as part of a new set of VoIP services that became available from the companies.

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Weather Channel Pops Ads Over Alerts

It appears the popular weather reporting channel has found a new way to ensure users of its Desktop Weather application view ads, by popping them up when users go to check a severe weather alert.

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