Flickr Partners With Snapfish To Offer Better Printing Options

Flickr, the Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site so many people love, announced an important deal today as it named HP’s Snapfish its preferred photo printing and gift creation partner.  Thanks to the arrangement, printing pictures is about to become a lot easier for some folks, and for others, this will even be the first time a certain printing option has been available at all.

Google Wave Gets a Feature for “Following”

Google has added a "follow" feature to Google Wave. The feature is designed to let users stay up to date on public waves of interest. In other words, if there are waves out there that are available to everybody, and you want to follow it, simply click the follow button for that particular wave.

Google Announces SPDY Application-Layer Protocol
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Except, perhaps, for multitasking techies and the last few people using dialup connections, load times aren’t a huge deal from a user perspective; the average page appears before most folks think to click on anything else.  Still, Google looks set to make a lot of friends with the introduction of a research project dubbed SPDY ("speedy").

HP Buys 3Com for $2.7 Billion

HP announced today that it is acquiring 3Com, makers of network switching, routing, and security solutions, for $2.7 billion in cash (at 7.90 per share). Both boards have already approved the transaction.

HP says the combination of these two companies will transform the networking industry and "underscore HP’s next-generation data center strategy." The company believes this will help customers simplify networks and improve IT service delivery capabilities.

Yahoo Launches Spanish Version of Mobile Home Page

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mobile in Spanish. This is a Spanish-language version of the Yahoo Mobile home page, which is customized specifically for U.S. Hispanic consumers, and is available on over 1,900 devices.

"By bringing together U.S. Hispanic consumers’ favorite content and services from across the Internet, Yahoo! Mobile en Español enables users to create both culturally and personally relevant mobile experiences," a spokesperson for Yahoo tells WebPronews.

Emails With Coupons Achieve Higher Open Rates
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The majority (80%) of emails sent with coupons received higher open rates and transaction rates than non-coupon campaigns, according to a new report from Experian Marketing Services.

Seventy percent of coupons-using households get their coupons from newspapers. However, the Internet is a growing coupon resource. Over the last three years, the number of households that get their coupons online has increased by 46 percent.

Compete Builds “Twitter Down” Case
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According to the latest stats from Compete, Twitter didn’t fare too well in October.  In fact, rather than pull in more unique visitors compared to the previous month, Twitter may have lost some and turned a one-time anomaly into a two-time streak.

As the below graph shows, Twitter’s growth rate slowed quite a bit starting in June.  Compete then recorded that its unique visitor count peaked in August.  September didn’t play out at all in the site’s favor, and in October, both visits and unique visitors dropped by about 2.1 percent.

Intel Pays AMD $1.25 Billion, Following That $1.5 Billion Fine
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Update: Intel has now updated its Fourth-quarter financial expectations:

Churchill Downs Buys Youbet.com For $126 Million

Churchill Downs Inc. (CDI), home of the Kentucky Derby, has agreed to buy online horse wagering firm Youbet.com in a cash-and- stock deal valued at $126.8 million.

The deal would give Churchill Downs over $700 million worth of the $1.4 billion online horse wagering market. Churchill Downs already owns online horse betting site TwinSpires.com.

Google Makes Improvements to Movie Showtime Searches
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Google has launched some new improvements to its movie showtimes search feature. These include more movie pages, genre filters, and a new map view.

If you search for a movie and click the "more theaters" link in the showtimes listing, you will be taken to a more thorough page about that movie, including more showtimes, reviews, trailers, photos, etc. You can also see a list of new genre filters to search by on the left-hand side of the screen.

Google Chrome For Mac May Hit Beta In December

Mac users who’ve been feeling left out since the introduction of Google Chrome (which occurred way back in September of 2008) may finally be set to receive a sort of nod of inclusion.  A Mountain View-based product manager has indicated that a beta version of Chrome for Mac will launch in December.

Google Announces Details of New Product Listing Ads

Google product listing ads have been spotted every now and then for a while now. The company has been testing them, but now the they have announced that US users will start seeing them more frequently on shopping related queries.

Bing Managed Big Gain In October
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According to new data from Experian Hitwise, October was the month of the underdog with respect to the search market.  The two search companies that usually dominate lost a bit of share, while Bing (and to a lesser degree, Ask) gained ground.

Let’s start with the success stories.  Bing’s market share rose from 8.96 percent in September to 9.57 percent in October, which represents an increase of 6.8 percent.  That’s nothing to sneer at, even if Bing remains solidly in third place.

Google Tries To Save You From Swine Flu
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The media frenzy over swine flu may have died down a little since earlier this year; it’s no longer a top headline on every other news site, at least.  But people remain extremely concerned about it (anyone care to guess how many tons of hand sanitizer have been sold?), and Google’s trying to help out by pointing them towards flu shots.

YouTube Talks Up Social Side
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YouTube wants you to know that it’s not just a place for individuals to watch videos.  This afternoon, the site released some stats (and used the word "social" about six times) to show that users are interacting with each other and with different sites in all sorts of ways.

Holiday Shoppers Want Deals Even More Than They Did Last Year
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Google has used its Insights for Search tool to provide some data about consumers’ searching behavior when it comes to things like discounts, free shipping for the holidays, coupons, and promotional codes.

Fox Launches iPhone DVD Trivia App

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has launched an iPhone and computer application called FoxPop, aimed at offering users a more interactive experience while they watch DVDs or Blu-ray Disc.

Google Integrates World Bank Data

Students and statistics hounds now have even more reason to love Google.  Today, the search giant announced that it’s made information related to 17 World Development Indicators available through standard search results pages.

IAB Releases New Guidelines for Email Monetization
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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has released a list of "best practices" for marketers and publishers who want to monetize their email efforts. The best practices come in a document appropriately titled "Email Monetization Strategies."

Research Scientist Heads From Yahoo To Twitter

Today, as is often the case, one tech company’s loss became another’s gain.  Utkarsh Srivastava has left Yahoo after spending more than three years as a senior research scientist there, and Srivastava confirmed (in well under 140 characters) that he’ll land at Twitter.

Srivastava’s background is quite impressive.  On the educational front, he earned degrees from the Indian Institute of Technology and Stanford, and happened to receive the Stanford Graduate Fellowship, too.

Holiday Shoppers Turning To Social Media And Internet
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Digital technologies continue to drive a new approach to shopping, with social media and mobile phones becoming key influencers this holiday season, according to a new survey of holiday retail spending and trends by Deloitte.

Social media is gaining traction with 17 percent of consumers planning to use social media during their holiday shopping, and 60 percent plan to use it to find discounts, coupons and sales information, More than half (53%) plans to use social media to research gift ideas, while 52 percent plan to check the gift wish lists of friends and family.

Google Okay With Blocking News Corp.
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In a recent interview we wrote about this morning, Rupert Murdoch indicated that News Corp. may block search engines from indexing its sites.  Now, it doesn’t exactly look like Google’s going to offer money to him (or throw a fit) in response, as the search giant’s more or less replied by saying "fine."

MySpace Losing $1 Million Per Month On Empty Offices
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Don’t be shocked if ads for 420,000 square feet of office space start popping up all over MySpace.  It seems that the social networking company no longer intends to use a particular facility, but until it can unload the space, has gotten stuck paying over $1 million per month.

Google Gives Users a Way to Lock SafeSearch

Google has launched a new way to lock SafeSearch. What this accomplishes is, users will have to enter their password to change the setting, and Google Search results will be visibly different than when SafeSearch is not locked.

Google demonstrates how to to lock SafeSearch with the following short clip: