Researchers Link Twitter To Moral Compass Confusion
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Using Twitter will not turn you into a sociopath.  Still, there’s some new information out concerning Twitter and human emotion, and the researchers’ preliminary findings imply that people aren’t really able to process significant things quickly. 

Auto Makers Making Good Use of Online Advertising
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Research from comScore recently showed that auto makers are doing pretty well with online advertising. In particular, they are using the medium to push SUVs. comScore explains one example:

SEO Blackhatters Target Ford Via Google
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PandaLabs has identified over a million spam links used to target Google searchers looking for information about automotive parts from Ford and Nissan especially. Panda calls it “a major Blackhat SEO attack” designed to dupe searchers into downloading spyware or purchasing phony security software.

YouTube Orchestra Prepares For Carnegie Concert
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The YouTube Symphony Orchestra, comprised of more than 90 classical musicians from around the globe, who submitted video auditions to the site, held its first rehearsal Monday, two days before its Wednesday night debut at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

The YouTube orchestra is made up of musicians from more than 30 countries that have been practicing for the concert at home and receiving online tutorials from some of the world’s most respected classical musicians.

Hitwise Puts Google Maps In Front Of MapQuest
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It took a couple of months, but most of the important traffic-tracking companies are now in agreement: Google Maps is more popular than MapQuest.  Hitwise is the latest source to confirm this standing.

Fresh Hitwise info puts Google Maps in the lead starting earlier this month.  As of Saturday the 11th, its win still wasn’t overwhelming (compare market shares of 39.38 and 39.14 percent), but the lines representing the two services seem to have been on pretty fixed paths as of late.

EU Probes UK Over Internet Privacy
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The European Commission said on Tuesday it is taking legal action against the United Kingdom for not adequately protecting the privacy of British Internet users.

EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding said the action had to do with how Internet service providers used Phorm technology to send users targeted ads based on the sites they visited.

CPC Declines on Big 3 Search Engines, ROI Strong

Average cost-per-click in the US declined last year on the big three search engines according to research from Efficient Frontier. Google’s fell 14%, Yahoo’s fell 16%, and Microsoft’s fell 28% over a year’s time (via CNET). Essentially the study indicates that less money was spent per search ad.

Court Rules MySpace Posting Not Private
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A California court has ruled that a high school principal who sent a copy of a MySpace journal posting to a local newspaper is not liable for invasion of privacy.

University of California at Berkeley student Cynthia Moreno wrote a journal entry on her MySpace page complaining about her hometown of Coalinga, Calif. The post was titled "An Ode to Coalinga" and began with "the older I get the more I realize how much I despise Coalinga" and then went on to make negative comments about Coalinga and its residents.

Fresh AdGooroo Stats Point To Yahoo Recovery

AdGooroo’s latest search advertiser report has been released, and it looks like some interesting changes may be taking place.  Namely: Google and Yahoo almost seem to have swapped positions on the impressive-to-iffy spectrum. 

Banner and Video Ad Spending On the Rise
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comScore is sharing some research indicating that despite a recent study from the IAB and Price Waterhouse Coopers saying that display-related ad spending declined in Q4 2008, banner ad spending actually increased.

YouTube and Universal Making a Music Video Site?
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Update: YouTube has officially announced Vevo.

Original article 03/05: The number one video site in the US and the world’s largest music label are said to be cooking up a deal and a new service. YouTube and Universal Music Group are reportedly in talks to create a premium online music video service.

Skype Buy Back Not Likely

A proposed buyout of eBay’s Skype by the Internet calling services co-founders and a group of private – equity firms is not likely to be completed.

VC Funds Having Little Financial Luck

Institutional investors seem to be playing it very, very safe.  A new report from the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) and Thomson Reuters indicates that venture capital funds weren’t able to raise much money in the first quarter of 2009, and new funds had almost no luck.

StumbleUpon Becomes Its Own Company Again

First there were the acquisition rumors, then the acquisition. Then there were the sale rumors.

Google Launches Display Ads for Google Finance
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Late last year, Google announced that it would be experimenting with ads in more places. Since then, we’ve seen Google Image Search, Picasa, and Google News ad additions.

StumbleUpon Breaks Away from eBay
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StumbleUponStumbleUpon is no longer part of eBay. Many have wondered why it was even part of it to begin with, but that pondering can now be put aside. The company has now been returned to its creators for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft Nets Ad Deal With Discovery Channel
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Microsoft is running its first ad campaign that simultaneously combines Internet, mobile and video game ads to promote the Discovery Channel’s fifth season of the fishing documentary "Deadliest Catch."

Microsoft says the one-day campaign with the Discovery Channel has enabled it to sell 90 percent of its advertising inventory. The advertising campaign will be on MSN, MSN Mobile, Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft Live Search and Xbox Live.

YouTube Still Dominating the Online Video Picture
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Nielsen Online has released online VideoCensus data for the month of March. YouTube not surprisingly, is still on top in both total streams and unique viewers.

The ranking of brands by total number of video streams goes like this:

1. YouTube (5,479,609)
2. Hulu (348,520)
3. Yahoo! (231,795)
4. Fox Interactive Media (207,528)
5. Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network (196,160)
6. ABC.com (176,931)
7. MSN/Windows Live (168,907)

Google Isn’t Dominating the News Market

In case you’ve missed the kerfluffle recently, the AP is rather dissatisfied with their relationship with the Internet, and Google in particular. Google is everyone’s favorite villain these days.

Microsoft Employees Demonstrate Fondness For Google
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There once when a time when it was a very bad idea for American autoworkers to own foreign vehicles.  A lone Toyota in the employee parking lot might, according to some stories, get mysteriously overturned.  Fanatical Microsoft employees shouldn’t even think about enforcing a similar rule set, though, because almost half of the corporation’s workers use Google. 

Facebook Redesign Shakes Up App Popularity

Many Facebook users have complained about recent changes to the social networks design. Anyone who uses Facebook or follows Facebook news is probably well aware of that.

Facebook Use Impacts Students Grades

College students who frequently use Facebook spend less time studying and have lower grade point averages than students who are not members of Facebook, according to a new study from Ohio State University.

More than three- quarters of Facebook users said their use of the social networking site did not interfere with their studies.

Report: Most Businesses To Give Windows 7 Wide Birth

Professionals who still use XP machines shouldn’t plan on acting out a certain equipment destruction scene from "Office Space" anytime soon.  A new report indicates that, even though Windows 7 will be released in the near future, it may be quite some time before the average company decides to deploy the new operating system.

Mikeyy Worms Its Way Through Twitter

Update: A seventeen-year-old kid has taken credit for the worm creation.