New Media is Like Ostrich Meat. Eventually, Your Kids Will Grow Up Eating It.
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WebProNews recently spoke with popular radio and podcast personality Adam Carolla. After being fired from his radio show, he started a podcast and after just two weeks, it reached 2.4 million downloads. Some people consider him a pioneer in podcasting, but he doesn’t seem to really think of it that way. "I was doing a radio show, and then they fired me," he says.

Your Social Strategy May Lack Key Elements for Increasing Conversions
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As a business, it’s great to get out there and engage with customers. It’s great to use a variety of social media channels to open up communication and spread your marketing message, but what a lot of business decision makers might not realize is that it can be the combination of tactics that work much better than any one strategy.

The Most Discussed Halloween Candy on Twitter
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E.Life, a social media monitoring firm, has released an interesting look at what Halloween candies people have been tweeting about the most. Snickers takes the cake. It’s no surprise really. You’d be hard pressed to find a better candy. 

What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Let us know in the comments.

Milo Launches Useful Local Product Search Android App
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Milo.com announced a new Android app today for local shopping. The company claims this is the only app available in the Android Market that will search the inventory systems of local stores in real-time and tell shoppers (while they’re on the go) what’s currently in stock , where, and which local stores have the best prices. 

LiveStrong CEO on Fighting Cancer with Social Media, Origin of the Wristband

WebProNews recently spoke with Doug Ulman, President and CEO of Livestrong, the nonprofit behind the famous yellow wristband and a huge cancer-fighting movement.

MSFT To Give All 89,000 Workers Windows Phone 7 Devices

Microsoft’s 89,000 employees are in for a treat, and we’re not talking about a piece or two of Halloween candy.  Instead, it turns out that each of Microsoft’s employees will receive a Windows Phone 7 device at no charge.

To first hit upon one obvious point: this will be a costly move.  Putting the value of each phone at a conservative $150, and setting aside the matter of data plans (which the company may pay for), Microsoft will have to shell out $13.35 million in order to shower everyone with a phone.

AOL Sells Office Buildings And Land For $144.5 Million

AOL said today it is selling  four of its office buildings it no longer uses and two undeveloped pieces of land on its Dulles, Virginia campus to CB Richard Ellis Realty Trust for $144.5 million.

Artie-Minson AOL said as of today it has approximately $750 million of cash on hand.

Flickr Moves To Accommodate Google IDs
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Yahoo-owned photo-sharing service Flickr is getting more flexible with regards to how users can sign in.  The site has started to support OpenID, and Google is its first partner in this endeavor.

YouTube Crosses 1 Billion Subscriptions, Launches Tool for a Quicker 2nd Billion
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YouTube announced that its crossed a billion subscriptions. That’s subscriptions to YouTube channels. 

"Early on (we’re talking ’06 here, people!), the yellow subscribe button made its debut so the latest videos from your favorite channels could make a beeline to your inbox/eager eyes," YouTube Product Marketing Manager Georges Haddad, said in a blog post yesterday. "Today, the button that’s been immortalized as a throw cushion hits an important landmark: it’s been clicked over one billion times."

Verizon To Pay $25 Million For ‘Mystery Fees’
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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has reached a record settlement of  $25 million with Verizon Wireless over what it calls “mystery fees” the carrier charged its customers over the last several years.

The payment is the largest in FCC history and the settlement ends the agency’s ten month investigation into the overcharges. In addition to Verizon Wireless’s payment, the company will refund a minimum of $52.8 million to some 15 million customers.

YouTube CEO Hurley To Step Down
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A change in leadership will soon take place at the site Google bought for $1.65 billion.  While speaking at a conference in Ireland, YouTube cofounder and CEO Chad Hurley announced that he’ll step down and assume an advisory role.

Hurley was the last of YouTube’s cofounders to have close ties to the organization, and it’s not every day that a CEO operating at this level gives up his position, which makes the change significant.  In all honesty, though, this development may not be as exciting as it sounds.

Facebook Places “Deals” Rumor, Facebook Makes Deal with Yandex

Nick O’Neill at AllFacebook has an interesting story, claiming Facebook is testing a new "Facebook Deals" service, which would let businesses provide deals when users check-in to their brick and mortar locations. 

Microsoft Chalks Up Win With Earnings Report
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The three-month period ending September 30th – which Microsoft almost inexplicably refers to as the first quarter of its 2011 fiscal year – was good to the company.  Microsoft shared its earnings report this afternoon, and it beat analysts’ estimates by a large margin.

The consensus estimate regarding revenue, for example, was $15.8 billion.  Microsoft reported $16.2 billion, instead.  Then, in terms of earnings per share, Microsoft was able to report $0.62 instead of $0.55.

Google Maps For Android Gets New Features
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Google announced the launch of a new version of Google Maps for Android that has a new design for Place page reviews, more options to filter search results, and an option for Google Latitude real-time updating.

Place Pages On Android will look pretty much like they do on the desktop. Users can see reviews from around the web and from Google users (for those posted directly to Google Maps). 

Users can filter by distance and ratings, as well as by "open now", "neighborhood", or "related searches". 

Facebook Creates Individual Pages About You and Your Friends
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Facebook announced the launch of new "Friendship Pages". These contain the public Wall posts and commetns between two friends, photos in which they’re both tagged, events they’ve both RSVP’d for, etc. 

These pages will be visible to others if they are friends with one of the people, and have permission to view both people’s profiles. 

Twitter Launches Windows Phone 7 App

They may not outsell the iPhone or the most popular Android model, but the initial reviews of Windows Phone 7 devices have been pretty positive.  This afternoon, Windows Phone 7 received another compliment, too, as Twitter for Windows Phone was released.

The launch itself is praise of a sort; accurately or not, Twitter could have dismissed Microsoft’s offering as poorly designed or irrelevant in terms of probable user base.

Amazon Readies Kindle App For Windows Phone 7

Amazon.com said today it will launch a Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 sometime later this year.

 The Kindle app for Windows Phone 7 includes new features, such as  personalized book recommendations on the app home screen and the ability to send book suggestions to a friend from any book in your library without leaving the app.

Google Finance Now Lets You Sign In With Multiple Accounts

Google has added multiple sign-in to Google Finance. This means users can now use more than one Google account in the same browser session to access Google Finance. 

LinkedIn Expands Board Of Directors

LinkedIn’s board of directors has grown again.  This morning, it gained a new member in Stan Meresman, who’s accumulated quite a lot of experience dealing with companies of all sizes.

At the moment, Meresman is a board member at Hytrust (a private company), Meru Networks (which is public with a market cap of about $250 million), and Riverbed Technology (public with a market cap of $4 billion).

Scholastic Launches Social Network Focused On Reading

To highlight the importance of reading, book publisher Scholastic has launched “You Are What You Read,”a social networking site for readers.

Users of You Are What You Read create a profile by listing five books that had the biggest impact on their lives, and connect with readers through shared “Bookprints,” as Scholastic calls them.

Nexus Two Rumored To Be Coming In Less Than 2 Weeks
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Rumor has it that the Nexus Two will be announced at a press conference on November 8th in New York. The announcement would come from Google and Samsung together, and the device would be he first to ship with the next version of Android – version 2.3 aka: Gingerbread. It would also be available on more than one carrier. 

Keep Learning & Get Help From Friends to Improve Your Social Strategy

One of the many challenges of corporate social media is that it never stops evolving. New tools, applications, features, and strategies emerge just about every day. It can be tough keep up. That’s why constantly learning has to be part of the strategy as a whole.

F1 Driver Wins Lawsuit Against Google
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Orkut, Google’s social network that never caught on in America, looks set to cost the company some money in Brazil.  Google’s lost a lawsuit brought against it by Formula One driver Rubens Barrichello.

The lawsuit revolved around several fake profiles set up in Barrichello’s name.  They ridiculed him for being second driver (or more specifically, second fiddle) to Michael Schumacher, and Google wasn’t quick to take the profiles down, despite being notified.

U.K. Internet Accounts For 7.2% Of Economy
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The U.K. Internet economy contributed $159 billion (£100 billion) in 2009, representing 7.2 percent of U.K. GDP- more than construction, transport, or utilities, according to a new report by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG).