Yahoo Answers Shutting Down May 4

After 16 years, Yahoo Answers is shutting down on May 4, 2021.

Marissa Mayer’s New Company Launches AI-Driven Contact App

Marissa Mayer’s new company, Sunshine, has launched Sunshine Contacts, an app that organizes iOS contacts.

DuckDuckGo Experiences Major Growth

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-first search engine, is experiencing record growth as customers become more concerned about protecting their privacy.

Apple Buys Dark Sky Weather App

Apple has purchased popular weather app Dark Sky, according to Dark Sky’s blog.

Jason Calacanis: This Could Be Facebook’s AOL Peak, Their Yahoo Peak

Internet entrepreneur and investor Jason Calacanis says that Facebook may go the way of AOL and Yahoo. “This could be, it’s possible, maybe not probable but possible, this could be their AOL peak, their Yahoo peak,” said Calacanis.

Yahoo Reveals Its Search Secrets, Vespa Tool is Now Available as Open Source

Yahoo is now giving away the crucial technology powering its internal searches. Vespa, the search engine used by the tech company for internal queries, is now open-source and available to everyone. Oath Inc., the Verizon company that acquired Yahoo in…

Warren Buffett Interested In Financing Yahoo Acquisition

Berkshire Hathaway Chairman and CEO Warren Buffett has offered to help finance Dan Gilbert’s potential Yahoo acquisition. Buffet told CNBC , “I’m an enormous admirer of Dan and what he has accomplished in Quicken Loans‎. Yahoo is not the type…

Yahoo Mail Adds GIF, Google Drive, Dropbox Access

Yahoo announced two updates for the Yahoo Mail app, which the company says makes “sending compelling, creative emails” easier. These include access to files from Google Drive and Dropbox and the ability to add GIFs from Tumblr into your email.…

Yahoo Said To Be Giving Interested Parties Longer For Opening Bids

On Thursday, a report from Bloomberg came out indicating that Verizon is poised to make a first-round bid for Yahoo and that Google parent Alphabet is considering doing the same. The report also said that AT&T and Comcast, and Microsoft…

Google Parent May Try to Buy Yahoo?

Google parent Alphabet (formerly Google) is considering bidding on Yahoo as the deadline for first-round bids approaches. This is particularly interesting considering that regulators shut down a potential Google/Yahoo partnership years ago. Bloomberg reports that Verizon intends to make a…