Xfinity Customers Will No Longer Get Free Peacock Premium

Xfinity customers are in for a disappointment, with NBCUniversal cutting off free access to Peacock Premium.

Comcast Ties Higher Upload Speeds to $25 a Month Equipment Rental

Comcast is once again proving why it has earned its place as one of America’s most hated companies.

Xfinity Customers Are Getting a Speed Boost

More than 20 million Xfinity customers are getting a speed boost, in some cases as much as double the speeds they previously had.

Comcast Expanding Data Caps, Will Charge Overage Fees

At a time when Americans are relying on internet access more than ever, Comcast Xfinity is rolling out data caps across its market.

Comcast Joins Mozilla’s Secure Browsing Initiative

Comcast has become the first ISP to join Mozilla’s initiative and “provide Firefox users with private and secure encrypted Domain Name System (DNS) services through Mozilla’s Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) Program.”

Comcast Hotspots Free to All Through 2020

Comcast has announced that its Xfinity WiFi hotspots will remain free and open to anyone through the rest of 2020.

Comcast Hotspot Lawsuit Alleges Company Broke the Law with Xfinity Public WiFi Initiative

A couple of Comcast customers are none too happy with the company’s Xfinity WiFi hotspot initiative, and have filed a class-action lawsuit against the ISP in a California district court. Toyer Grear and Joycelyn Harris allege Comcast is violating the…

Comcast Gives Customers ‘House Of Cards’ Without Netflix

Comcast subscribers have the ability to watch House of Cards without Netflix thanks to a new deal with Sony Pictures, Variety reports. Comcast will sell the first season of the show through its Xfinity Store in addition to to other…

Comcast Ditches Data Caps For Broadband Customers

Comcast has announced that they are doing away with the 250GB per month data cap formerly imposed on their broadband customers. Citing changes in the way people use the internet – particularly as regards video streaming – since the policy…

Is Net Neutrality Being Misrepresented?

Net neutrality is in the spotlight once again after Comcast’s recent announcement about its Xfinity video streaming service. The cable giant said that it would not count the television programming users access through Microsoft’s Xbox against their 250-gigabyte monthly data…