Comcast Ditches Data Caps For Broadband Customers

IT Management

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Comcast has announced that they are doing away with the 250GB per month data cap formerly imposed on their broadband customers. Citing changes in the way people use the internet - particularly as regards video streaming - since the policy was instituted several years go, the company announced its intention to begin exploring "improved data usage management approaches."

In other words, you shouldn't get too excited just yet. The fact that the company is doing away with the flat 250GB cap doesn't mean you're going to be getting unlimited data. Instead the company will be playing around with a couple of options for data management. The company's announcement is a little coy with the details, but it looks like they're going to be looking into different data plan options.

The company has two main options in mind, which are going to be tested in two different markets over the coming weeks. The first option is a multi-tiered system. Under this system, everybody gets a minimum of 300GB per month, with a range of upper-tier plans that provide higher data allowances for customers who need it. The second option is simpler: everybody gets 300GB per month. Under each option, those who need more than 300GB in a month have the option of buying incremental upgrades on a month-to-month basis, e.g. $10 for every additional 50GB.

Those who live in markets where the new plans are not being tested will effectively be treated to unlimited data during the testing phase, as the company plans to suspend enforcement of data caps in those markets.