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Tag: Vladimir Putin

Russia Plans to Leave the International Space Station After 2024
Russia appears to be planning to withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) after 2024, possibly with a view to building its own....
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Elon Musk Challenges Vladimir Putin to a Duel for Ukraine
Elon Musk is at it again, taking to Twitter to challenge Russian President Vladimir Putin to a duel for Ukraine....
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Apple Suspends Business in Russia in Response to Russian Invasion
Apple has joined other companies in imposing its own sanctions against Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine....
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Vladimir Putin Signals Support for Cryptocurrencies
Russian President Vladimir Putin has come out in support of cryptocurrencies, at a time when Russia is the third-biggest crypto mining country....
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REvil Ransomware Gang Goes Dark, Puzzling Experts
The REvil ransomware gang, behind the Kaseya attack, has gone dark and its websites have gone offline....
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Russia Passes Law Forcing Social Media Companies to Have Local Office
Vladimir Putin has signed a law that forces social media companies to have an office in the country....
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Elon Musk Stood Up Vladimir Putin in ClubHouse
Not just anyone can stand up the Russian president, but that appears to be exactly what Elon Musk did....
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Vladimir Putin Still Using (Long) Unsupported Windows XP
One would expect a former KGB officer to use the latest and greatest when it comes to computer security. Evidently, Vladimir Putin disagrees, as he is...
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Apple Threatens to Leave Russia in 2020, Citing Russian Software Demands
The International Business Times (IBT) is reporting that Apple may leave the Russian market next year in response to a new law requiring Russian softw...
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Bill O’Reilly Calls Vladimir Putin an Idiot for Endorsing Donald Trump
Bill O’Reilly had a field day on Thursday night’s O’Reilly Factor when he dissed Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Earlier on...
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Anna Duritskaya, Girlfriend Of Murdered Putin Critic, In Hiding And Fearing For Her Life
Anna Duritskaya was standing right next to Russian opposition leader Boris Y. Nemtsov when he was gunned down just steps from the Kremlin. In fact, An...
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Oil Prices Could Weaken Vladimir Putin’s Resolve
Oil prices stand at a three year low of $81 per barrel. That’s significantly less than the $100 per barrel that was in place when Vladimir Putin...
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World War 3: Has Vladimir Putin Been Planning to Instigate Major War?
According to a former advisor of Vladimir Putin, the Russian president has been planning to spark a major conflict in the Baltic region for the past d...
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Mickey Rourke Loves His Vladimir Putin T-Shirt, But Hates Politics
Mickey Rourke is a fan of Vladimir Putin. In fact, on Monday, the actor was so much a fan that he decided to buy a t-shirt depicting Russian President...
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David Duchovny Defends Russian Beer Ad
Actor David Duchovny recently defended a controversial Russian beer commercial he stars in, telling TMZ that he does not support Russian policy of lat...
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Steven Seagal’s Estonia Blues Gig Canceled
Concert organizers for the Tallinn, Estonia “Augustibluus” summer blues festival axed action star Steven Seagal’s time slot due to h...
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Kim Jong-Un Furious Over Viral Dance Video
North Korea’s Great Successor Kim Jong-un is said to be very displeased over a parody video, which features the Supreme Leader dancing his way throu...
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Anna Politkovskaya Murderers Given Life In Prison
Two of the five men found guilty for the 2006 killing of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya were handed life sentences on Monday by the Moscow city...
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Miss Beazley, Former White House Dog, Passes Away
Miss Beazley, a Scottish terrier who was the pet of former President George W. Bush, passed away Saturday after a battle with lymphoma. The former Whi...
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Eurovision Song Contest Winner Controversy
Conchita Wurst of Austria won the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday with her song “Rise Like a Phoenix” — while sporting a dress a...
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