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Destiny Of Spirits Out Today On PS Vita
Have you been itching for a new free-to-play RPG? If so, you might be getting just what you want on the Vita. Sony announced today that Destiny of Spi...
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Outlast Free On PS4 Next Month For Plus Members
Every month, Sony serves up a number of free games for PlayStation Plus members. January was a touch act to follow with great games like BioShock Infi...
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Sony Says Games Are Central To Its Overall Vision At CES
The Consumer Electronics Show is not usually a place where you expect to see games. It’s a show that’s usually focused on the biggest thin...
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Sony’s PlayStation Vision Previewed in New Video
Early this morning, Sony held its big Tokyo Game Show presentation in Japan. In addition to some new game previews and a Japanese release date for the...
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Killzone: Mercenary Will Retain The Series’ Strong Multiplayer
Killzone’s multiplayer has always been pretty solid. It looks like the series will retain that pedigree with its second foray into handhelds. In...
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Sony Opens An Indie Games Store On The PlayStation Vita
The PlayStation Vita has been pretty much abandoned by the major publishers and developers of the world. Indie developers, however, have been very pro...
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Hotline Miami Hits PS3, Vita Consoles Next Week
In February is was announced that ultra-violent, fast-paced indie game Hotline Miami would be coming to PlayStation 3 and Vita consols sometime this s...
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Soul Sacrifice Comes To The Vita’s Rescue Today
The PlayStation Vita is in a bit of a rough spot. It doesn’t have a lot of great games. Sony hopes to remedy that situation by just a bit today ...
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Tearaway Could Be Just What The Vita Needs
It’s no secret that the Vita is performing poorly in the West. The expensive handheld from Sony is a wonderful machine, but its hist cost of ent...
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Mobile Gamers Spend More On iOS, Android Than On Dedicated Handhelds
The smartphone is going to be the death of the dedicated handheld. That’s the line being fed to us by pretty much every analyst these days. The ...
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Hotline Miami Headed to PlayStation 3, Vita With Cross-Buy
Devolver Digital and Dennaton Games today announced that Hotline Miami will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles. A specific r...
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PlayStation Vita Price Drops in Japan
For the handheld console market, price is everything. Both the games and the portable consoles themselves cost less than their living-room counterpart...
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Superfrog Remake Coming to Sony Consoles
Tem17, the developer behind the popular Worms series, today announced that it will be rebooting the Superfrog franchise. A new title called Superfrog ...
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Trials-Like Urban Trial Freestyle Coming to PS3 & Vita
Whether it’s catching up to Nintendo with motion controls or a Smash Bros. clone, or catching up to Microsoft with Netflix streaming and gamer a...
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Sony’s New Vita Bundle Is A Wasted Opportunity
Can we officially say that the Vita is a joke? I personally love Sony’s handheld, but it’s performance this year has been abysmal. Sony ne...
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Need For Speed: Most Wanted Speeds To Retail October 30
The best decision EA ever made regarding Need for Speed was putting Criterion Games in charge of the franchise. They are arguably the best racing stud...
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PS Vita Gets PlayStation Plus In November
PlayStation Plus is one of the best promotions that Sony has ever cooked up. The constant stream of quality games and cloud saves make the annual fee ...
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Madden NFL 13 Hits Stores, Cover Man Calvin Johnson Says Gameplay Is “Ridiculous”
Madden NFL 13 came out today at stores throughout North America. According to makers EA, it’s a big one for the Madden legacy. “Madden NFL 13 ...
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Sony Says Vita Doesn’t Need Price Break
The Playstation Vita has had a very rough start. The highly vaunted system has failed in almost every sales prediction that Sony has spouted out. The ...
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Sony Survey Hints At More PS Plus Changes
Sony’s surveys that they send out to customers have the tendency to give away a lot of information about the potential direction that the compan...
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