PS Vita Gets PlayStation Plus In November

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PlayStation Plus is one of the best promotions that Sony has ever cooked up. The constant stream of quality games and cloud saves make the annual fee of $50 actually seem worth it. PlayStation 3 owners have been enjoying Plus for over a year now, but the service still hasn't come to a platform that desperately needs it - the Vita.

Fortunately, Sony has heard your calls. The company announced at TGS that they're bringing PS Plus to the Vita in November. They aren't pulling any punches either. Everything that made PlayStation Plus great on the PS3 will be coming to the Vita as well.

Here's the full list of PlayStation Plus features that Vita owners will get come November:

  • Instant Game Collection: Unlimited access to a regularly refreshed selection of the full versions of games as long as your membership is active.
  • Discounts: Take advantage of exclusive discounts on games and DLC for your PS Vita.
  • Online Game Storage: An additional 1GB of online storage for game saves for PS Vita games and downloaded content.
  • Automatic Updates: PS Vita will automatically start up at a designated time to download and install select game demos and game updates as well as system software updates and start standby mode upon completion.
  • Automatic Trophy sync: Trophy information will be synched to PSN servers automatically via the PS Vita.
  • Details are still scarce on what will actually be offered in the first month of PlayStation Plus for Vita. Sony has been really aggressive in their recent PS3 offerings, and we can only hope that the same applies to the Vita. Being offered free games, especially to current Plus subscribers, may finally get consumers to buy a Vita. The handheld definitely needs the sales.

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