Tearaway Could Be Just What The Vita Needs

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It's no secret that the Vita is performing poorly in the West. The expensive handheld from Sony is a wonderful machine, but its hist cost of entry and lack of software make it an unattractive option for gamers looking for sophisticated experiences on the go.

Sony is hoping to at least remedy the software problem in 2013 with a number of high-profile releases. One of the more interesting, and charming, games to come out of Sony's initiative is Tearaway, a new action/adventure game from Media Molecule. PlayStation fans have come to know and love Media Molecule for its LittleBigPlanet franchise, and now its bringing a new kind of game to the Vita.

Tearaway will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Vita on October 22. Physical copies of the game will feature reversible cover art for those want to display the female protagonist on the box.

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