Trials-Like Urban Trial Freestyle Coming to PS3 & Vita


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Whether it's catching up to Nintendo with motion controls or a Smash Bros. clone, or catching up to Microsoft with Netflix streaming and gamer avatars, it seems that Sony has been playing catch-up for this entire console cycle. That's not necessarily criticism. Playing copycat to bring its gamers the experiences everyone else has shows the company is trying hard to please everyone. However, it also shows a lack of oversight when it comes to setting priorities on which of the many gaming experiences it wants the PlayStation 3 or Vita to represent.

Today another cloned experience was detailed for the PlayStation Network. Urban Trial Freestyle will be heading to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita "soon." It's extremely similar to the popular Xbox LIVE game Trials HD and Trials Evolution.

Urban Trial Freestyle will have 20 tracks and five "kinds" of stunts to perform on each track, and each stunt will have its own leaderboard. The game will include a time attack mode, ghost racing, and a stunt mode.

The backgrounds in the stages will be a bit more active than those seen in the Trials games, featuring cop chases and other destructive set pieces. However, a casual viewer of the new trailer would easily mistake Urban Trial Freestyle for Trials.