Soul Sacrifice Comes To The Vita's Rescue Today


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The PlayStation Vita is in a bit of a rough spot. It doesn't have a lot of great games. Sony hopes to remedy that situation by just a bit today with the handheld's latest release.

Soul Sacrifice, a new title from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, launches today in the US exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. In celebration of the game's launch, Sony has gone all out with a live action trailer that would be right at home in a direct-to-VHS movie about mystical warriors from the farther realm.

Soul Sacrifice, and its Monster Hunter-inspired gameplay, has already proven popular in Japan. Unfortunately, the genre has never really caught on in the US. That being said, it could find more success on the Vita as the handheld is starved for content.

To further tempt Vita owners, Sony will be offering the following items to those who purchase a digital copy of the game.

  • Two Unique Costumes with which players can customize their character
  • Three Magic Items to aid players in battle:
  • Spirits’ Flamepike: Shards of the spear provided by Fire spirits. (Attribites: heat) Enables five combo attacks.
  • Spirits’ Blightstone: Explosive stone provided by the spirits. (Attributes: venom)
  • Spirits’ Fulgurwood: Root provided by the Thunder spirits. (Attributes: volt) It tracks enemies on the ground and attacks with thunder spell.
  • The Japanese voice-over pack. Get it for no added cost during the promotion!
  • Soul Sacrifice is the first major release for the Vita this year, but it's not the last. Sony and third parties will be bringing a number of titles to the handheld later this year to ensure that Vita gamers have plenty of play over the coming months.