Google Employees Brace for Cost-Saving Measures

Google employees are reportedly bracing for cost-saving measures, fearing they could lead to mass layoffs the company has so far avoided.

Free Speech Friend or Foe? Musk’s Twitter Bans Journalists & Competitor

Elon Musk is showing he doesn’t care about free speech as much as he claims, with Twitter banning critical journalists and links to competitor Mastodon.

Media Groups Voice Support for Julian Assange

Media groups have come out in favor of Julian Assange, urging the US to drop the charges against him.

Google Agrees to Record-Breaking Privacy Settlement With 40 States

Google has agreed to a record-breaking settlement in a privacy suit brought by 40 states over how the company tracks users.

Amazon Reportedly Plans to Lay Off 10,000

Amazon may soon be joining Meta in one of the biggest mass layoffs of 2022, with the company reportedly looking to lay off 10,000 employees.

US Gross National Debt Hits Record $31 Trillion

The United States national debt hit a new milestone, crossing $31 trillion at a time when the economy is in a major downturn.

Amazon Freezes Corporate Retail Hiring for Remainder of 2022

Amazon is continuing its hiring freezes, pausing hiring in corporate retail for the remainder of 2022.

Facebook Is Shutting Down Its Bulletin Newsletter Platform

Facebook is shutting down its Bulletin newsletter platform as the company looks to cut costs.

Startup Helmed by WeWork Ex-CEO Is Andreessen Horowitz’s Biggest Gamble

Andreessen Horowitz is making its largest single investment in a startup helmed by Adam Neumann, WeWork’s ex-CEO.

SpaceX Fires Employees Who Called Elon Musk An ‘Embarrassment’

SpaceX has moved swiftly, firing employees who wrote an open letter to executives in which they called Elon Musk an “embarrassment.”

Google Map Employees Push Back on In-Office, Citing Commuting Costs

Google is once again receiving pushback on its return-to-office plans, with contract employees in its Maps division saying they can’t afford the commute back.

Russia Losing Top Talent As Tech Workers Flee The Country

Russia is losing its top tech talent as workers flee the country in response to its invasion of Ukraine.

New York Times Tech Workers Certify Their Union

The Times Tech Guild is now the biggest US-based tech union with bargaining rights, following a National Labor Relations Board election certifying their union.

IRS Backtracks, Ends Bid to Require Facial Recognition

The IRS is backtracking on its plans to require facial recognition to access online accounts, following backlash from security and privacy experts.

FBI Was One of NSO Group’s Customers

NSO Group has quickly become one of the most reviled security firms, even being banned by the US government. Despite that, it appears the FBI was one of its customers.

No, Companies Have No Idea When They’ll Return to the Office

After multiple return-to-office dates, COVID-19 surges and delayed expectations, one thing is clear: Companies have no idea when they’ll return.

Google Once Again Pursuing Pentagon Contracts

Google is once again pursuing Pentagon contracts after employee activism put the brakes on its last attempt.

New York Times: ‘Stop Paying for a VPN’

Writing for the New York Times, Brian X. Chen makes the case that it’s time to stop paying for VPNs.

Google May Have Run Afoul of Labor Laws for Years

Google may end up in hot water after years of not paying temp workers a similar wage as full-time employees.

California Bill Takes Aim at Amazon’s Warehouse Working Conditions

Amazon has been under increased scrutiny over its labor practices, but a California bill may finally do something about it.