6 in 10 Workers Would Take a Pay Cut for Remote Work

A new survey is revealing just how important remote work is to many employees, with 61% willing to take a pay cut to stay remote.

Over One Third of Workers Will Quit if WFH Ends

A recent poll is bad news for employers wanting to resume in-office work post-pandemic, with 35% saying they’ll quit if work-from-home (WFM) ends.

Salesforce and JPMorgan Unloading Office Space in Remote Work Transition

Salesforce and JPMorgan are the latest big-name companies looking to downsize their office space as remote work becomes the norm.

Upwork: Businesses Will Stick With Remote Work After Pandemic

Upwork has released its Economist Report: One Year Remote, finding many companies will continue with remote work thanks to its benefits.

Remote Work IT Spending Will Hit $332.9 Billion In 2021

Gartner is predicting companies will spend some $332.9 billion on remote work IT in 2021 as the digital transformation continues.

50% of Workers Would Choose Remote Work Over Vacation

In further evidence of the rising popularity of remote work, a new poll shows that over 50% of workers would choose remote work over vacation.

29% of Professionals Will Quit Instead of Returning to Office

Amid a global pandemic, remote work has become so popular that 29% of professionals will quit rather than return to the office.

EU Working On ‘Right to Disconnect’ Legislation For Remote Workers

With unprecedented numbers of employees working remotely, the EU is working on legislation that protects workers’ “right to disconnect.”

76% of US CEOs Plan On Shrinking Office Space Due to Remote Work

Some 76% of US CEOs plan on reducing their office space footprint as a result of the ongoing transition to remote work amid the pandemic.

Facebook Employees Can Work From Home Through July 2021

Facebook joins the growing list of companies extending work from home policies amid the coronavirus pandemic.