Microsoft Services Recovering From An Hours-Long Outage

Microsoft services appear to be working after an hours-long outage that impacted Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Teams.

Adobe/Microsoft Collaboration Brings Full PDF Support to Teams

Adobe and Microsoft are collaborating to bring full PDF viewing and editing support to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Trying to Head Off Slack’s EU Complaint Over Teams

Microsoft is working to preemptively address an EU antitrust complaint by Slack regarding its Microsoft Teams dominance.

Cisco and Microsoft Partner to Bring Teams to Cisco Hardware

Cisco and Microsoft have entered an unlikely partnership, paving the way for Microsoft Teams to run as the default on Cisco hardware.

Microsoft Takes Aim at Salesforce With Viva Sales

Microsoft has unveiled its latest attempt to take on Salesforce, launching Viva Sales, “a new seller experience application.”

Microsoft Teams Finally Gains Native Apple Silicon Support

Squarely in the ‘better late than never’ camp, Microsoft is finally bringing native Apple Silicon support to Teams.

How To Improve Cross Functional Team Collaboration

Most businesses need to improve their cross functional team collaboration. Learn some helpful tips how to do so below.

End-to-End Encryption Comes to Microsoft Teams One-to-One Calls

Microsoft has rolled out end-to-end encryption (E2EE) to one-to-one calls in Microsoft Teams.

PSA: Update Microsoft Teams on Android Now

If you’re running Microsoft Teams on Android, you should update immediately to avoid a bug that crippled 911 calling.

Microsoft Teams and Android 10 or Later Preventing 911 Calls

Google is warning that having Microsoft Teams installed, but not logged in on Android 10 or later can prevent 911 calls.

Disney and Facebook Execs Raise Funding for Live Video Startup 100ms

Execs from Disney and Facebook have raised $4.5 million for their live video infrastructure startup, 100ms.

Microsoft: ‘The Digital Employee Experience IS The Employee Experience’

Microsoft has shared a number of insights about how remote work has become the “new normal,” and updated several apps to reflect that.

Microsoft Teams Bringing Breakout Room and Search Improvements

Microsoft Teams is set for some major updates to its Breakout Room and search features.

Microsoft Doubling Down on ‘Consumer Experience’ With Uber Exec Hire

Microsoft has hired former Uber exec Manik Gupta to help it build “world-class consumer experiences across all of Microsoft.”

Avaya and Microsoft Partner to Bring OneCloud CPaaS to Microsoft Azure

Avaya and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership to bring Avaya’s Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) to Azure.

Microsoft Launches Teams for Friends and Family

Microsoft is making its personal feature in Teams available to the public in a bid to grow the platform beyond corporate use.

Zoom Unveils Immersive View

Zoom has unveiled Immersive View, a way to bring together virtual participants into a single, cohesive view.

iPad Pro’s Center Stage Will Work With Third-Party Video Apps

Apple has answered a big question about the upcoming Center Stage iPad Pro feature, stating it will work with third-party video apps.

Slack Tweaks Connect DM to Prevent Harassment

Just hours after rolling out its new Contact DM feature, Slack has made a significant change to it in order to prevent harassment.

Slack Rolls Out Direct Messages to Anyone

Starting today, Slack is enabling Connect DM, allowing users to send direct messages to anyone, not just those in their channels.