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Verizon and Unity Partner On 5G, MEC and Digital Experiences
Verizon has announced it is partnering with Unity to help drive 5G-powered digital experiences and mobile edge computing (MEC)....
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Not All Good Disney+ News… 25% Of Subs From India
Legendary media executive Tom Rogers says that investors need to look under the hood a bit with Disney+ because a quarter of its subscribers are from ...
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Instagram’s New Video Feature Let’s You Go Live With a Friend
Instagram is finally catching up with its contemporaries in terms of video streaming capabilities. The popular messaging app has recently joined the l...
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HBO Strikes Deal With Amazon Prime
With Netflix leading the online streaming video pack with original programming like the wildly successful House of Cards, not to mention their expansi...
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Amazon Fire TV Ad Stars Gary Busey
At a large announcement event today in New York Amazon officially unveiled its long-rumored streaming set-top box device. Called the Amazon Fire TV, t...
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Popcorn Time Torrent Streaming Site is Dead, For Now
It was bound to happen. Popcorn Time, the streaming video platform that allowed anyone to stream just about any TV or movie for free on a variety of d...
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Majority Still Attached to Physical Media
Over the past few years Netflix has led a revolution in digital media, bringing high-quality streaming and downloadable media into the homes of averag...
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That Amazon Set Top Box May Be Coming In March [Rumor]
Amazon has long had its sights set on the living room if rumors are to be believed. The company is already reportedly working on a game console. Befor...
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Global Over-the-Top Video Revenue Hit $11 Billion in 2013
As physical media has become more antiquated, content companies are turning more and more to streaming and IPTV solutions. This has led to a relativel...
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Streaming Video on the Rise as Premium Channels See Subscriptions Fall
Though cable companies are still dragging their feet, it is now clear that streaming video is the future of television. Subscriptions for streaming vi...
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WWE 24/7 Streaming Network Announced
At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week WWE CEO Vince McMahon officially unveiled the WWE Network, a 24/7 streaming network for WWE wrestling...
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CES 2014: Netgear Announces HDMI Dongle Chromecast Competitor
The success of Google’s Chromecast surprised many industry watchers. Google had tried to enter household living rooms in the past through Google...
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Netflix Tests Lower-Priced, Standard-Def Subscription
Netflix is everywhere. The company’s streaming video app can be found on set-top boxes, smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, smart TVs, an...
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Streaming Device Sales Hit 1.7 Billion in 2013
As app infrastructures move into more and more products, consumers are beginning to expect apps such as Netflix and Amazon streaming on all of their d...
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Blockbuster Closing All Retail Locations
Blockbuster was extremely popular in the 90’s on weekends for bringing popular movies home to watch. Timing was of utmost importance to snag the...
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Xbox One Streaming Video Apps Announced
Just yesterday, Sony revealed all of the video streaming apps that will launch with the PlayStation 4 next week. The list includes major brands such a...
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Streaming Video Devices to Hit 8 Billion by 2017
With Netflix programming now winning Emmy Awards, doubt is fading about whether streaming video is the future of TV. While competing companies such as...
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Chromecast Adds Support For Hulu Plus
In late July, Google announced its intention to take over the living room with Chromecast. It’s an incredibly ambitious idea, but it lacked a lo...
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Vimeo Introduces New Features For Its On Demand Service
Vimeo’s On Demand service is an exceptional place to discover new independent movies that circumvent the traditional movie-making/distribution p...
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Set-Top Box Market Growing, Despite Other “Smart” Devices
For the past half-decade or so, set-top boxes have been getting smarter. Not the ones provided by cable companies, but boxes from Roku and other compa...
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