Vimeo Introduces New Features For Its On Demand Service

Vimeo’s On Demand service is an exceptional place to discover new independent movies that circumvent the traditional movie-making/distribution process. The service does a fine job showcasing its independent content, but more than that, the goal is to give filmmakers a platform to display and monetize their creations. From the On Demand about page:

Vimeo On Demand is an open self-distribution platform that enables anyone to sell their work, their way — with all the power of Vimeo’s beautiful video player, easy-to-use tools, and passionate audience.

The “On Demand” aspect implies monetary transactions, and users can buy or rent movies they’re interested in, and the prices are certainly reasonable. For instance, the going price for Some Girl(s) is $5 for rental and $10 to own. To help make their service even more attractive for content creators, Vimeo introduced some updates to their On Demand service; all of which are designed to make the monetization process much easier:

– Rent and Own Pricing Options: Creators can offer viewers the ability to rent (stream) or buy (download) content at separate prices.

– Preorder Availability: All Vimeo On Demand sellers can build buzz and drive advanced sales by making content available for preorder.

– Promo Code Generator: Filmmakers can create promo codes that enable viewers to access work at no cost; codes can be sent to press or other partners and used immediately in the improved Vimeo On Demand checkout.

– Advanced Statistics: Sellers now get more information about their works, including trailer plays, paid video plays, and additional revenue details. In addition, Vimeo On Demand stats are now rolled into a PRO member’s Advanced Stats, which makes them more accessible and easier to understand.

Considering Vimeo’s efforts to make the independent movie distribution process much easier on content creators, which service is more attractive for would-be movie makers? YouTube or Vimeo?

[Lead image courtesy of Vimeo On Demand]

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