Majority Still Attached to Physical Media

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Over the past few years Netflix has led a revolution in digital media, bringing high-quality streaming and downloadable media into the homes of average consumer. However great cord-cutting may be for some, though, the majority of Americans still get their media from traditional TV broadcasters.

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) today released new data showing that 79% of U.S. adults still get video content from TV broadcasters. Only 37% were found to get video content from streaming media services, though nearly half (47%) get video content from free or ad-supported streaming services.

The reason consumers are sticking with traditional media seems to come from the traditional viewing habits of those same consumers. According to the CEA consumers most often view video content live. This is especially true with sports, while TV shows and movies are recorded more often.

“Access to faster Internet speeds and dramatic advances in mobile technology have changed the face of video content delivery and consumption,” said Kevin Tillmann, senior analyst at CEA. “However, digital content is not necessarily a substitute for traditional content sources, but instead an additional source from which U.S. consumers can quench their insatiable thirst for video content.”

Consumers are also showing a similar reluctance to pull away from traditional movie-viewing platforms. The CEA found that 66% of Americans still use physical media such as DVD or Blu-ray. A majority (52%) also stated that they simply enjoy owning physical products. The CEA report shows that around 60% of American video collections are on disc, though more than 75% of those same Americans do own some digital video content.

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