Chromecast Adds Support For Hulu Plus

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In late July, Google announced its intention to take over the living room with Chromecast. It's an incredibly ambitious idea, but it lacked a lot of the services users have come to expect from streaming devices at launch. It's getting better, however, with the addition of everybody's favorite TV streaming service.

Google announced today that Hulu Plus is now available on Chromecast. What this means is that the Hulu Plus app on Android and iOS has been updated to include the cast button that throws whatever content you're currently watching onto the TV.

The addition of Hulu Plus is not a surprise, but it definitely took long enough as Hulu announced its intentions to support Chromecast all the way back in July. Now we're just waiting on other services that have already pledged support to jump on the Chromecast train. Specifically, Vimeo and Redbox Instant both announced support back in July, and we've yet to see said support materialize.

So, what's left? An obvious omission is HBO Go, but there's been no word on whether or not we'll see it coming to Google's streaming dongle anytime soon.

Another much requested feature is the ability to stream locally stored content from a PC to the TV via Chromecast. The feature was added via an unofficial hack, but Google killed it off pretty quickly. In response to the criticism following the hack's death, Google said that it will welcome local content streaming apps after it makes the Google Cast SDK widely available. Unfortunately, there's no schedule for when the SDK will be made publicly available just yet.

[Image: Chromecast/YouTube]