Samsung’s Foldable Phone Shipments Quadruple in 2021

Samsung has revealed data about its foldable phone business, saying it shipped four times the number of units in 2021 than in 2020.

EU Wants Unified Smartphone Chargers

The EU is following through on its interest in a unified smartphone charging interface, preparing to pass legislation requiring the use of USB-C.

Android 2.3.7 and Older Versions in the Cold

Google is cutting off Android 2.3.7 and older from logging in, leaving the aging versions of the mobile OS in the cold.

Xiaomi Leapfrogs Apple to Become Number Two Smartphone Vendor

Xiaomi has become the world’s number two smartphone maker for the first time ever, dropping Apple to third place.

The Smartphone’s Next Frontier: Earthquake Early Warning System

A new study has shown that smartphones can be used to create an earthquake early warning system, providing an inexpensive option for many countries.

LG Makes “Three Year Pledge” to Provide Smartphone Android Updates

LG has committed to providing Android updates to its premium smartphones up to three years, despite plans to exit the business.

LG to Exit Smartphone Business by July 31

LG will become the first major smartphone maker to completely exit the market, following years of losses and failure to find a buyer.

LG May Shut Down Phone Business

LG Electronics may shutter its phone business amid long-standing rumors it was looking to sell it.

France May Regulate Early Smartphone Renewals

France is looking to enact legislation that would restrict wireless carriers from using commercial offers to entice users into early upgrades.

Huawei Will Cut Smartphone Shipments by More Than 60% in 2021

Huawei has informed suppliers that it will cut smartphone shipments by at least 60% in 2021.

LG May Exit Smartphone Business

LG’s CEO has sent out a memo to employees warning the company could exit the smartphone business after suffering significant losses.

Google Asking For Help With Its Fuchsia OS

Google is opening the door to greater collaboration with the open source community on its latest operating system (OS) endeavorer, Fuchsia.

Qualcomm Intros Snapdragon 888, Promises ‘Breakthrough Performance’

Qualcomm has announced the next iteration of its Snapdragon line of processors, the flagship Snapdragon 888.

AT&T Exploring Ads On Your Cell Phone For a Price Discount

In case anyone thought they didn’t see enough ads, AT&T wants to put ads on your phone in exchange for a whopping $5 off your bill.

Apple CEO: Competition For Developers Is A ‘Street Fight’

Apple CEO Tim Cook explains to a clueless congressman who tossed a barrage of leading questions at him how Apple is in a ‘street fight’ for both developers and customers.

Microsoft Goes All-In On Android, Brings Development In-House

With the upcoming, Android-powered Surface Duo, Microsoft is bringing Android development in-house.

T-Mobile Launching T-Mobile Connect Budget Plan Early

T-Mobile has announced it is launching its T-Mobile Connect plan March 25, rather than waiting till after the Sprint merger is complete.

TCL Phone Will Have Slide-Out Screen, Doubles As Tablet

Mobile World Congress 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus, robbing vendors of one of the best launch events of the year.

CES 2020: Samsung Introduces SelfieType Virtual Keyboard

Anyone who finds smartphone screen keyboards way too small should be interested in Samsung’s SelfieType, a virtual keyboard it is showcasing at CES 2020. According to the company’s website, Samsung’s SelfieType uses a combination of artificial intelligence and the front-facing…

CES 2020: Lenovo Debuts World’s First Foldable PC

Further blurring the lines between tablet and computer, Lenovo has unveiled the world’s first foldable PC. The ThinkPad X1 Fold is designed to leverage the advantages of a traditional computer, with the benefits of a tablet or smartphone. With book-style…