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Tag: Siri

Apple’s AI Efforts Hampered by ‘Organizational Dysfunction’
Apple is falling behind its Big Tech rivals in the race to functional AI, hampered by internal issues and a lack of "a lack of ambition."...
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Apple Plans to Ditch ‘Hey Siri’
Apple is preparing to make one of the biggest changes to Siri since the virtual assistant's debut, ditching the "Hey Siri" voice activation....
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Apple Recorded Some Siri Interactions, Even If the Setting Was Disabled
Apple has said it inadvertently recorded some customers' Siri interactions, even when the setting was disabled....
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Siri Spills the Beans: Apple’s Next Event is April 20
Siri has spilled the beans on Apple’s next event, indicating it will be held on Tuesday, April 20....
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Siri May Soon Whisper and Shout
Apple may be on the verge of a significant improvement to Siri, giving the virtual assistant the ability to whisper or shout depending on circumstance...
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Apple the Leader in AI Acquisitions
A new report sheds light on the AI industry, with Apple the top company for acquiring AI startups....
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Apple Maps Now Showing COVID-19 Vaccination Locations
Apple Maps has been updated to display COVID-19 vaccination locations, making it that much easier to set up an appointment....
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Is Apple Working On Its Own Search Engine?
Reports indicate Apple may be working on its own search engine, a move that would have far-reaching repercussions....
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WWDC 2020 Part 1: iOS Home Screen Grows Up, Siri Moves In and More
In a first ever, Apple held a 100% digital version of WWDC, bringing welcome improvements across all of the company’s platforms....
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Need a Coronavirus Checkup? Ask Siri!
Individuals concerned about whether they have coronavirus will be able to get a virtual checkup just by asking Siri. Apple has updated Siri to walk in...
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Apple May Allow iOS Users to Change Default Apps
Apple may (finally) be on the verge of allowing other apps to be set as the defaults in iOS....
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Apple Acquires Edge AI Firm Xnor
According to VentureBeat, Apple has acquired artificial intelligence (AI) startup for roughly $200 million. Xnor specializes in “the efficie...
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CES 2020: Samsung Unveils Neon: A Virtual, ‘Artificial Human’ Avatar
Leading up to CES 2020, Samsung teased Neon, an artificial human. Details were sparse, and Samsung said little other than to confirm Neon was an all n...
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Baidu Takes AI Crown, Achieves New Level of Language Understanding
The ability to talk with an artificial intelligence (AI), be it a computer or robot, has been a staple of science fiction for decades. Despite modern ...
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Amazon Announces Voice Interoperability Initiative—Leaves Out Apple and Google
There’s no doubt that virtual assistants and AI-based voice services are one of the next big things in the technology industry. Long the stuff of sc...
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Siri Co-founder: I Would Have Liked to See Siri Evolve to Doing More Things
The Co-Founder & former CEO of Siri, Dag Kittlaus, says that he “would have liked to see Siri evolve to doing more things, greater capabilities to b...
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Tinder Co-Founder: Siri Might Become a Matchmaker Soon
Tinder Co-Founder Sean Rad, in an interview on stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, said that he thinks that as the technology of AI advances...
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Marriott Using Salesforce Einstein to Reinvent the Hotel Experience
Salesforce Co-founder & CEO Marc Benioff. announced at the Dreamforce conference a new partnership with Marriott that is going to bring the power of a...
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Historic Breakthrough: Microsoft Reaches Virtual Parity With Human Speech
In an historic breakthrough, Microsoft’s AI team has developed technology that recognizes speech as well as humans. Their research team publishe...
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Apple WWDC Date Revealed By Siri
Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) hasn’t been formally announced yet, but iOS users have discovered that Siri is giving the d...
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