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Apple Is Trying to Make Voicemail a Little Less Terrible
Voicemail is pretty terrible, and this is a universally-accepted opinion. Except for your mom. You mom loves leaving voicemails. But even mom probably...
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Facebook Wants Real People to Help You Order Stuff Inside Messenger
Facebook, currently on a mission to beef up its Messenger platform in a multitude of ways, may just give everyone a personal shopping assistant inside...
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Apple Blames ‘Bug’ for Homophobic Russian Siri
According to Apple, a bug is behind some decidedly anti-gay answers expressed by the Russian version of Siri. Earlier this week, a video called “...
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Siri Thinks Microsoft’s Phone Is Pretty Smart (In This Microsoft Ad)
Typically, Microsoft attacks Google in its ad campaigns (Scroogled, anyone?), especially when it comes to stuff like this, but now, the company has se...
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Theater Says Siri Will Ruin Your Life If You Talk Or Text During Movie
Movie theater chain Alamo Drafthouse, known for its strict moviegoing etiquette policies, is showing a humorous new message to patrons, warning them t...
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Should Apple Move On From Google Search?
Could Apple take on Google in search? Apple has been making some rather interesting moves of late, and some of them are search-related, and lead one t...
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Survey Says – Hardly Anyone Is Using Siri
With the launch of iOS 7 came a pretty significant upgrade to Siri. Apple’s voice assistant got a slick new interface, a new option for a male v...
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Susan Bennett is the Voice of Siri, CNN Confirms
While Apple won’t validate the information, CNN confirms that they have, indeed, found Siri. According to the news network, Siri is actually a m...
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Siri Voice Revealed: Susan Bennett Talks About Siri
Susan Bennett of Atlanta has revealed herself as the the voice of Siri. In an interview with CNN, she recalled, among other things, how she got to thi...
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Apple Reportedly Buys Cue (Formerly Greplin)
Apple has reportedly purchased Cue, the company formerly known as Greplin, in a bid to compete with Google Now on personalized search. TechCrunch̵...
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Here’s What Bing’s Doing On iOS Now
Bing announced the launch of some new features for the iPhone and iPod Touch today, building on recent updates to its Windows Phone, Android and iOS e...
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Siri Gets Serious About Suicidal Statements
Siri has just received an update that aims to help those pondering suicide by directing them to a suicide prevention hotline. Tell Siri that you want ...
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Can Bing Put A Bigger Dent In Google Searches?
Bing has been struggling to make a significant dent in Google’s share of the search market since its launch, but Bing’s share has been slo...
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Bing Talks New Siri Integration
As previously reported, Apple unveiled some new Siri features for iOS 7 today at its Worldwide Developers Conference. Among them is some new Bing inte...
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Siri Gets More Knowledge Graph-Like With Wikipedia, Bing
While demonstrating iOS 7 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple announced some new Siri features. Among them, integration of Bing web search r...
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New iOS 6.1 Adds Fandango Movie Purchasing To Siri’s Capabilities
Back in November, developers who were beta testing Apple’s iOS 6.1 indicated that in the then upcoming version of Apple’s operating system...
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Siri May Be Getting Wittier, as Apple Hunts for a Writer
When Apple first launched Siri, iOS’ personal voice assistant, usefulness and functionality took a back seat to “omg a robot is saying fun...
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Parents Are Increasingly Naming Their Babies After Apple Products
Pregnancy and parenting site BabyCenter looked a a sample of 450,000 babies born in 2012 and found that some Apple-related names are on the rise. Whil...
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You May Soon Have Siri And Apple Maps On Your Mac
It appears that Apple is expanding some of its iOS services to the Mac ecosystem in a forthcoming version of Mac OS X. Apple blog 9to5Mac is reporting...
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Google Shows Siri How To Get Answers Quickly
Last week, Google launched its enhanced voice search on iOS, going head to head with Apple’s Siri. Some iOS users may be wondering which one the...
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