Semiconductor Bill Passes the House

The $280 billion semiconductor bill, aimed at helping revitalize the US chip industry, has overcome its final hurdle, passing in the US House.

Intel Scores MediaTek As Foundry Customer

Intel has scored a major victory, securing Taiwan’s MediaTek as a customer for its foundry services.

Samsung May Spend Almost $200 Billion on 11 Texas Plants

Samsung may be looking to significantly ramp up its chip production, with a possible $200 billion investment in 11 Texas plants.

Samsung Beats TSMC to 3-Nanometer Chip Production

Samsung has achieved a major milestone, beating rival TSMC to 3-nanometer production.

Samsung Wants a ‘Dream Team’ to Tackle Apple’s M1 in 2025

Samsung is taking steps to tackle Apple’s M1, reportedly assembling a “dream team” to surpass Apple’s silicon in 2025.

Samsung Preparing to Raise Chip Prices

Samsung is reportedly preparing to raise chip prices, a move that could significantly impact the price of smartphones and other electronics.

Globant Is the Latest Lapsus$ Hacking Victim

Globant, a company that helps others prepare “for digital and cognitive future,” is the latest victim of the Lapsus$ ransomware group.

Galaxy S22 Issues Mount With Reports of Faulty GPS

Reports are emerging that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 phones may have faulty GPS, compromising any apps that rely on precise location data.

Nvidia CEO Calls Lapsus$ Hack a ‘Wake-Up Call’

Nvidia suffered a major attack at the hands of ransomware group Lapsus$, an attack CEO Jensen Huang is calling a “wake-up call.”

LAPSUS$ May Have Hacked Okta

Identification and authentication services firm Okta is investigating the possibility it may have been hacked by LAPSUS$.

Samsung CEO Bows in Apology Over App Throttling

Samsung Experience Division CEO JH Han literally bowed in apology to shareholders over the company throttling apps on its phones.

Lapsus$ Strikes Again: Hackers Steal Samsung Galaxy Code

Hacker group Lapsus$ is in the news again, this time for stealing 190GB of Samsung data and Galaxy code.

Samsung to Roll Out Update to Fix Throttling

Samsung plans to roll out an update that will fix throttling on its phones, following reports of more than 10,000 apps being throttled.

Samsung Throttlegate: World’s Largest Smartphone Maker Throttling Apps

Samsung doesn’t appear to have learned from Apple, as the company has been caught throttling thousands of apps’ performance.

Samsung’s Exynos Chip Lags Hopelessly Behind Apple’s A-Series

Samsung’s Exynos chip was lauded as one of the best chances for the Android world to challenge Apple’s performance on smartphones…but that hasn’t happened.

Samsung Broke Encryption On 100 Million Phones

The world’s largest smartphone maker shipped roughly 100 million phones with broken encryption, putting its customers at risk.

Apple Is Once Again the World’s Top Smartphone Maker

Apple has once gain overtaken Samsung for the title of the world’s top smartphone maker, based on Q4 2021 shipments.

Apple Not Sure About Foldable Phones, Still Testing

Foldable phones may be all the rage, but Apple is still not convinced they’re the future.

Samsung’s Foldable Phone Shipments Quadruple in 2021

Samsung has revealed data about its foldable phone business, saying it shipped four times the number of units in 2021 than in 2020.

New Lockdowns in China Are Impacting Chipmakers

Amid the Omicron COVID surge, new lockdowns in China are negatively impacting the semiconductor industry.