iFixit Ends Samsung DIY Repair Deal

iFixit is ending its DIY collaboration with Samsung that saw the parts company supply users with genuine Samsung parts and repair guides....
iFixit Ends Samsung DIY Repair Deal
Written by Matt Milano
  • iFixit is ending its DIY collaboration with Samsung that saw the parts company supply users with genuine Samsung parts and repair guides.

    iFixit has been at the heart of several companies’ efforts to provide DIY repair services to their customers, including Samsung. Despite the two companies working together for two years, they are ending their deal, with iFixit questioning Samsung’s commitment to self-repair.

    “Two years ago we launched iFixit’s Samsung Repair Hub with the goal of building an incredible, repair-friendly ecosystem,” said Scott Head, iFixit Operations and Logistics Supervisor. “We aimed to set the gold standard for repair documentation and empower local independent repair businesses with the tools and parts they needed to thrive, all while keeping Galaxy devices running.

    “Despite our best efforts, we have not been able to deliver on that promise.

    “As we tried to build this ecosystem we consistently faced obstacles that made us doubt Samsung’s commitment to making repair more accessible. We couldn’t get parts to local repair shops at prices and quantities that made business sense. The part prices were so costly that many consumers opted to replace their devices rather than repair them. And the design of Samsung’s Galaxy devices remained frustratingly glued together, forcing us to sell batteries and screens in pre-glued bundles that increased the cost.”

    Head goes on to say that Samsung relied on flashy press release, but provided little to no follow through.

    “Despite skepticism from the repair community, we tried to work with Samsung to create repair documentation for a few initial devices,” Head added. “However, flashy press releases and ambitious initiatives don’t mean much without follow-through. We’ve been through this with Samsung before with Galaxy Upcycling, the amazing device reuse idea that we helped them announce. Then they ghosted us and never released it. We clearly didn’t learn our lesson the first time, and two years ago we let them convince us they were serious about embracing repair.”

    Head also reassures users that iFixit will continue to support Samsung devices, just as it did before an official deal with the company.

    “That said, Samsung phones clearly need repair,” Head explains. “No worries on that front: we will continue selling Samsung parts just as we have since 2015, well before our partnership. Although we won’t be making in-house Galaxy guides, we invite our community to keep sharing what you know about repairing Samsung devices. Anyone can make an iFixit guide—in fact, over half of our 100,000+ guides were not written by our in-house team. And for our repair shop customers, we’re no longer beholden to the miserly quantity limits you’ve been so frustrated by.”

    The executive goes on to say that iFixit is determined not to let one bad apple spoil everything the company has worked for, which is why it’s ending its relationship with Samsung now.

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