Firefox Update Brings Fresh New Look, Improved Experience

Mozilla has announced the latest version of Firefox, sporting a new look and improved user experience.

iOS 14.5 Safari Will Mask IP Address From Google

Apple is ramping up its efforts to protect user privacy, including a feature in iOS 14.5 that will mask IP addresses in Safari.

Fortnite Coming Back to iPhones and iPads…Sort Of

Apple and Epic may be fighting it out in court, but it appears a path has been cleared for Fortnite to return to iOS devices.

WWDC 2020 Part 3: macOS Big Sur

Apple unveiled the next version of macOS, named “Big Sur.” The design of the OS features a number of refinements.

Apple Safari Now Blocking All Third-Party Cookies

Apple’s Safari web browser joins the Tor browser as one of only two that fully block all third-party cookies.

DuckDuckGo Releases Tracker Radar to Expose Hidden Tracking

DuckDuckGo is the preeminent privacy-oriented search engine and the company is taking it a step further by releasing a tool to help expose hidden tracking.

Safari Will Stop Accepting Security Certificates Older Than 13 Months

In an effort to improve web security, Apple’s Safari browser will only accept HTTPS security certificates that expire in 398 days or less.

Apple May Allow iOS Users to Change Default Apps

Apple may (finally) be on the verge of allowing other apps to be set as the defaults in iOS.

New Google Chrome Feature May Drive Users to Firefox

The Register is reporting on a new feature in an upcoming version of Google Chrome that has privacy-conscious users worried. A recent API called getInstalledRelatedApps may allow websites to determine what apps are installed on a user’s device. At first…

Google Responds To Yahoo’s Firefox Deal On Earnings Call

Google released its Q4 and fiscal year 2014 financial results on Thursday with full year revenue up 19% year-over-year at $66 billion and revenue of $18.1 billion for the quarter, which was a 15% year-over-year increase. During the company’s conference…