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Benicio del Toro Is Not Dead Either
2014 has been the year for death hoaxes. The ever-growing popularity of social media makes it easy to start and disseminate a hoax. Recently a hoax cl...
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Denzel Washington The New Lex Luthor?
It just wouldn’t be Hollywood if there weren’t rumors abounding about which actor will be playing a coveted part. This time around it̵...
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Lex Luthor To Be Portrayed By Joaquin Phoenix?
With the Wonder Woman casting still sinking in, it seems there’s fresh “Man of Steel II” casting news to speculate about. This time ...
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IPad Rumors, Who Wants To Know About Them?
Are you looking forward to the release of the upgraded iPad? Reports claim that the device could be out for public consumption shortly after next week...
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Bigger And Cheaper iPhones Might Be Coming Next Year [Rumor]
I think we can all agree at this point that Apple must be working on a bigger iPhone as well as a cheaper iPhone for emerging markets. There’s j...
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Nintendo Working To Bring Smartphone Apps To Wii U [Rumor]
The Wii U’s controller has a touch screen that seems like it was made for the simple touch-controlled games that populate smartphones. The only ...
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The iPhone 5S May Come In Multiple Sizes [Report]
One of the most prevalent rumors surrounding the next iPhone is that Apple is working on a larger phone. Some suggest that the larger display won̵...
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Xbox Special Event Planned For May 21 [Report]
After Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 in February, everybody turned to Microsoft expecting a reveal of the next Xbox. Previous rumors suggested an Apr...
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New iPhone Release Date Set For August 2013 [Rumor]
The new iPhone release date is one of the last pieces of the rumor puzzle that we have yet to put together. There’s been no clear indication whe...
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Amazon Smartphone to Launch in 2013 (Rumor)
Back in July there were hushed rumors that Amazon would enter the smartphone market with a device that would compliment its existing Kindle tablet lin...
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iPad Mini Release Date Will Be November 2nd [RUMOR]
We know for a fact that Apple will be holding a press event next Tuesday, October 23rd. The company just sent out their official invitations, which fe...
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There Will Be 12 iPad Mini Models At Launch [Report]
The iPad Mini is the worst kept secret in tech this year. Leaks and reports have pretty much confirmed the device will be launching sometime this mont...
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iPad Mini Rumor: Apple Has Ordered 10 Million Units For The Holiday Season
Are you excited for the iPad Mini? A survey from last month suggests that you are. Apple thinks you’ll be excited for it as well. The company ha...
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Rumored Wii U Specs Leaked Ahead of Announcement
With the official announcement of the Wii U only days away, it might seem that leaked specs are unneeded. However, gamers in the age of the internet c...
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Next-Gen Xbox Console Could Be Delayed [RUMOR]
Everyone is expecting a new game console from Microsoft next year. Nintendo is set to kick off the next console cycle with the Wii U later this Novemb...
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iPhone 5 Rumor: New Pictures Reveal Logic Board, Larger Display
The iPhone 5 rumor mill continues to surprise me. I thought that we had seen everything that the iPhone 5 had to offer over the past few weeks with le...
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Wii U Release Date Is Set For November 18 [Rumor]
Nintendo will be holding a special Wii U event on September 13 in New York City. It’s expected that the company will announce the launch date an...
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iPhone 5 Rumor: The Smaller Dock Connector Isn’t Exclusive To The New iPhone
One persistent iPhone 5 rumor that has been confirmed via multiple leaks is that the device will have a smaller dock connector. With the rumored size ...
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iPad Mini: Apple’s Suppliers Ramping Up Production?
Yesterday we told you about a Bloomberg report claiming that Apple was planning to launch a 7-8-inch iPad before the end of the year. As with many oth...
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iPad Mini, Refreshed iPad Coming In October?
What are the odds that Apple would release another new iPad, the much-rumored iPad Mini, and the new iPhone all in the same month? Pretty good, accord...
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