Bigger And Cheaper iPhones Might Be Coming Next Year [Rumor]

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I think we can all agree at this point that Apple must be working on a bigger iPhone as well as a cheaper iPhone for emerging markets. There's just too much evidence in support of both scenarios. There may still be some skeptics, however, so allow me to present exhibit G in the ongoing saga of iPhone 5S/6 rumors.

Reuters reports that Apple is now considering a number of options to revitalize its iPhone brand over the course of this year and next. Sources close to the company are saying that Apple may release a bigger iPhone, a cheaper iPhone and iPhones in many colors. All of these options would be made solely to combat Samsung and other Android competitors that are becoming increasingly popular thanks to multiple screen sizes and designs.

Getting into specifics, it appears that Apple is looking at two bigger iPhones - one with a 4.7-inch screen and another with a 5.7-inch screen. It seems that the company can't make up its mind, however, and many not even release either of the larger iPhones. If the larger iPhone is real, we likely won't see it until next year.

As for a cheap iPhone, the company is looking at a $99 price tag. The new report matches up with a previous report that said the cheaper iPhone would come in a plastic chassis and be offered in multiple colors. Unlike the larger screen sizes, the cheaper iPhone seems to be a definite thing. The only potential issue is that Apple may push back its release to next year.

I may have used the word "revitalize" to describe Apple's plans with the iPhone, but that doesn't mean the company really needs to change anything. Apple would still sell millions of iPhones if it kept up the status quo. Apple has been doing that for years now, however, and its reveal of iOS 7 earlier this week shows that the company is starting to rethink its flagship device. I would be surprised to see Apple release a drastically different iOS without a drastically different iPhone to go along with it. We probably won't see that drastically different design with this year's iPhone 5S, but next year might prove to be very interesting for the iPhone.